Wantlist x Pink

Pink use to be my favourite colour through ages 4 till 13, I went through a craze that practically every variation of pink was totes my fave, especially all the bright pinks(ie.bright pink, barbie pink, neon pink, etc).
Luckily, I eventually decided that I hated pink, and especially hated bright shades of pink, I realized this sometime in 8th grade when I noticed how nauseous I would feel looking at those variations of the colour.
Anyways, after a long pause from anything in/of that colour I eventually realized what my new favourite colours are(Mint, Lilac and Cream!). In the end, I warmed back up to the idea that Pink, especially Light Pink could be included back into my life again.
These are all of my current wants, and of course they are almost all in my favourite shade of pink!
I especially want the new Jayda Black from Miista, and sold out Coquette Lime Crime lipstick!

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