it's some deed, left undone

i wanna try and keep updating more frequently because i wanna compare how my style totally changes.
so on monday me and jessica, my school biffle had a 4 hour break and couldn't think of what to do, thus we went to the 50% off vv sale, then mcdonalds for free coffee!
while sifting aimlessly through mountains of treasure, i got bored and felt overwhelmed by the amount of people there, and that value smell.
so the only thing i found was a floral jean jacket, which at the time i really wanted, and thought was totally jokes, and useless.
but, today i also went shopping since my break of shopping for a month, and spent 150$ on a dress, two sweaters, a brown skirt, millions of socks, and lace bra.
anyways, when coming home and re trying random clothes, i realized i could totally wear that stupid purchase floral jacket with a white vneck and skirt, and it would look normal.
so that's my great news.
also, check out the new hellogoodbye cd it's pretty good.

  • Brown Skirt Zara
  • Black Leggings Forever 21
  • White Vneck Forever 21
  • Floral Jean Jacket Value Village

two single hearts on fire

wow, i would totes feel bad for not updating in the longest time if it wasn't for 1. no one reads this but me, and 2. i'm actually having the time of my life.
through the tears, laughter, and happiness i've been having for the past month, i'd say all in all, everything is wonderful.
i decided to not frivolously shop during october, so thus have not come up with any impeccable outfits but, last month was my birthday, and my padre had not bought me anything so last week i begged him to make an order from asos and he complied, it arrived today, but my dad said that taxes cost too much, and that i am not allowed to order from there anymore :(
i'm extremely happy with most of my order, ie. my black aviator looking jacket which is so warm and useful, my crazy cat sweater/shirt that i love, and this pink hook shirt/dress that looks like nightwear haha. what i am not totally happy with is this grey dress which appeared white silvery looking and angelic, but it's actually a kind of dirty grey. also it fit's a little small around the bust which means i must wear it with a sweater hahahha, although i really love it, it's just so annoying, it was suppose to be my dream new years dress which i bought waaay in advance, but it looks almost too fancy, wait,i actually took a break to retry it on, and it does fit. but, i feel like my boobs are too squeezed in and i can't breathe hahah. i guess i'll need to find a smaller bra, because my boobs look way to extra in this dress.
but i do feel like a princess in it... soo then, i will be wearing at biancas new years party!

okay you can look at extra photos of me now.....
please ignore how i am hahah.

  • Pink Camisole Hook Dress ASOS
  • Ivory Cardigan Aritzia

  • Grey(Looks Blue via webcam) Princess Dress ASOS