probably the best candidate for a broken heart

although i hate pictures being taken of me most of the time, some of these came out alright.
thanks to jayson for taking them haha.
anywhooo, this day i went to this billiards place where all the guys just played pool and i sat there.
hahaha although that sounds boring, it was actually pretty fun.
i am always dressed fancier then whatever i am doing.

  • White Cardigan Aritzia
  • Blue Tank Aritzia
  • Denim Floral Shorts Forever 21
  • Bullet Belt
  • Pink Clutch ASOS
  • White Studded Wedges Aldo

the stars that we travelled by, they're not visible beyond this orange sky.

so the other day, i convinced my dad to buy me shoes.
i am so happy, also gonna go shopping this week.
but starting this paycheque i'm saving over half of it, and for the rest of this month i'm gonna pickup more shifts so i can get paid a bit over a grand next month.
i'm going on a american road trip with the wolfpact.
they're jokes, i have no idea how i'm going to tell my dad i'm going on a two week trip with the boys.
gonna go mad shopping, mad photo taking, and crazy adventures.
this isn't until summer, but i'm already stoked.
anyways, all is swell with me.
i was suppose to watch super 8, but ended up just going to a friends.

  • White Lace Dress Forever 21
  • Leather Jacket ASOS
  • Red Purse Daddy
  • Black Zipper Leggings Forever 21
  • Dollhouse Wedges Journeys

slow down

haven't blogged in a while, i'm pretty depressed hahaha.
just joking, anyways this was way over a month ago i just never uploaded them onto my computer.
played cod shots, although i think i look a tad fancy for some fun games and drinking.

  • Anchor Dress Forever 21
  • Sparkly Tights Urban Outfitters
  • Black Belt H&M
  • Leather Jacket ASOS
  • Studded Boots Forever 21