let's get weird

So today after work I went over to Biancas to meet up with her and Hilary,
I also got my Jac Vanek order!!!! whooo my order consisted of this let's get weird tank, mean hearts tank and a tie dye sweater.
I am so so so happy with my tops so cuteeee, or atleast I think they're cute.
I got this amazing floral denim jacket at black market for $10! 
I think it's so cute but it's just a bit tooo big.
anyways these are my favourite photos from today.

  • Floral Denim Jacket Black Market
  • Let's get weird tank Jac Vanek
  • diy shorts from pants Forever21
  • white Converse
boob grab as always

 Hilary Arellano & Bianca Venerayan <3>

i've got that summertime, summertime sadness

So I am super super happy because my Miista Iridescent Silver Zoe came in!!
whooooo, after dreaming about them seriously forever I finally got them, haha it took honestly forever because initially my boyfriend bought me them from americanrag online and they were in terrible condition, they came from a store that people can try them on so the leather was already super creased and they were dirty. I almost freaked out but luckily the people at americanrag were nice enough to do returns for freeee.
Anyways to cut the story short after 3 weeks I ordered them again from wonderful Nastygal!!! 
They we're awesome and i'd totally recommend getting shoes from there because I always get my shoes in perfect condition and quickly! 
I was so excited and my boyfriend texted me at work saying they were home and immediately we went straight outside to take photos, so I was a repeat offender and wore the same skirt from last week but it's so cute and comfy and goes well with practically everything.
Also don't mind my purse, i'm just so happy I got it for $10 and really love it so I use it everyday.

  • Bustier Wilfred
  • Skirt Thrift
  • Frilly Socks Topshop
  • Iridescent Silver Zoes Miista
  • Cardigan & Purse Urban Outfitters

now my life is sweet like cinnamon

So this week, i've come to the conclusion that Monday through Friday I cannot take any photos since my job is during the day till the sunset, thus no sunlight for any photos and it's just pretty much impossible. This weekend was really busy too; friday jayson and I just passed out eventually, saturday woke up early to help my sister move did that all day, and sunday was family fun day, also went to brunch with Sherry, it was a good but long and tiring weekend, and now the week's begun and i'm equally as exhausted as when it started.
This cropped leather jacket was the first thing I ever bought off ASOS and it was during highschool,
this was in grade 12 when I had first heard of ASOS and the jacket was on sale for under $20!!!
the terrible thing was customs charged me $25 for it at the door (insert sad face)
anyways this jacket comes out every spring since it has those 3/4th sleeves and can be way too chilly during the fall, and much too warm during the summer.
I don't really have anything else interesting to say.... till next time

  • Strap Wedges Gift
  • Leggings Forever21
  • Hi Lo Cats PLNDR
  • Cropped Leather Jacket ASOS

The two loves of my lives at the park, Pearl was trying to copy and do peace signs.<3 p="">

clothes sale!

so today my boyfriend and i attempted at cleaning our room for about the nine thousandth time, and i'm glad to say we actually progressed farther than before, almost done now.
today it was incredibly hot, like melting all day hot, i spent a total of an hour outside before i had to call it quits and go inside, i was pretty grumpy today, up until i went to my friend christophers house and then just died and was exhausted. i actually have no clue what i'm babbling about right now, anywhoo i am having a huge clothes sale! it's on the facebook group for fat's sake, i tried to put it on fatshionxchange but i guess the files were too big and it wouldn't work, anyone from toronto has first dibs!!! unless i've already sold it. if you haven't tried either groups out before do so! i've actually found quite a lot of nice things at reasonable prices, or even clothes i wanted in the past and was too late to get, it's basically peoples unwanted stuff that they never wore or returned, but at a better price. help me get rid of my hoarding problem(aka find all my clothes a better home) initially i was going to save up to buy 3 really nice Jac Vanek tops, but then my boyfriend said he would just buy them and now i'm so happy.

  • Floral Onesie Primark
  • Mirror Watch necklace Vintage
  • Skull Purse Urban Outfitters
  • White Stud Wedges Aldo

spring fairy

so i'm going to try to update more frequently, the weather has gotten incredibly good so i'm trying to soak up as much of it as i can, i went on a crazy outrageous spending spree during this month... sigh tax return money has vanished. fave things from those purchases; miista zoes, asos curve leather jacket & just huge hauls of stuff in general.. i might make a haul video at the end of the month when everything i order arrives, also i'm working on diy floral flower crowns and bullet shell crystal necklaces woo! it's actually a lot of fun i love crafts! i'm also going to be really soon having a huge clothes sale since i need to get rid of a ton of stuff i don't use. i'll post a link to it when all of it's ready, anyways long weekend has been made up of bbqs, fireworks, adventure time, cleaning my room, and diy projects. i went to my friend christophers and i felt like a ethereal spring fairy in the backyard. Also checked out a huge urban outfitters sale 50% off sale items! i got a cute cloud shirt, skull purse, book and dress. 

Photos taken by Christopher Vanier and Jayson Cacdac

  • Floral Crown diy
  • Floral Skirt Value Village
  • Peter Pan Top Charlotte Russe
  • Necklace & Mood Ring Topshop
  • Shoes Newlook
  • Skull Purse Urban Outfitters