i wanna tell you there's a really good reason

why i came home wasted in the middle of the night

o0o0oh luvin bambi by tokyo police club roight now haha.

anyways old photos

with Bianca in montreal!

montreal broken bathroom haha
  • Floral Headband American Apparel
  • Lace Cardigan H&M
  • White Cardigan Aritzia
  • Blue Tank Dress Aritzia

i can't get away from you, no.

so yesterday was my birthday, technically an hour ago.
total happiness, words cannot explain.
shitty quality photos as always, whateves.

  • Two Sizes Two Big Bandaged Maroon Dress Forever 21
  • Black Leggings H&M
  • White Studded Cardigan Aritzia
  • Brown Satchel H&M
  • Brown Work Boots Forever 21

won't be seventeen forever

so i haven't blogged in a long time.
tomorrow is my birthday,
i'm going to be 18.
anyways, i've been wearing this comfy outfit for the past two days.
i'm gonna go online shopping tomorrow so i'm quite excited.
but alas, i have my history midterm tomorrow as well.
i wore a cream-ish lace long sleeve top tucked into high waisted leggings, with a grey cutoff hoodie over. although i'm terribly self conscious, i realized that the lace tops itself are too much for me to go out in because it's just not me, i don't think it looked that bad. but i liked the hoodie over it better anwyays.
i've been reading some fatshion blogs and they're so interesting.
well i'm done, i'm gonna study.

  • Long Sleeve Cream Lace Top Charlotte Russe
  • Black Bra Victoria Secret
  • Grey Cut Off Hoodie Forever 21
  • High Waisted Leggings American Apparel

and my burden to bear is a love i can't carry anymore

i haven't blogged in a while, i've decided i must inevitably stop shopping for a while(this whole month) hopefully i can do it, i am already sad to stop shopping, but it is extremely necessary that i save some money up.
for now i'll just make up outfits with what i already have,

terrible photo's, but what can i do
  • Tri Blend Sweater Charlotte Russe
  • Black Grey Jeggings Target
  • Studded Workman Boots Forever 21
  • Gloria Necklace Forever 21
  • Peach Purse Forever 21
  • Studded Ring Aldo Accessories