and i can tell just what you want

quick update because, i am stressed.
these are from yesterday, well technically saturday.
chillin with ma boyz, i love them.
they have actually brought positivity into my life.
it has made me start taking photos again.
i'm happy, but stressed out due to other situations.
anywhoooooo, this is a full on like forever 21 outfit, but i don't give a shit, because i'm lazy.

  • Black Pretty Sweater Forever 21
  • Floral Denim Shorts Forever 21
  • Black Tights H&M
  • Studded Boots Forever 21
  • Cute Bow Hilary

i will remember your face cause, i am still in love with that place

look how fun the fisheye lense is!!
had some fun with my boys today, bad outfit post picture but you can see how cute and granma-ey my cardigan is, tenkz value village.

i will never dissapear

today, jeno and i went on an adventure around earl bales park, twas fun.
from there i ended up at ryans, the beach, allover downtown and back.
i'm starting to take pictures again.
anywhoo, i'm very confused and dunno what to do or what i'm thinking.

  • Blue Anchor Dress Forever 21
  • Black Leggings American Apparel
  • Brown Satchel H&M
  • Mirror Necklace Topshop
  • Grey Cardigan (technically i'm wearing two) American Apparel & Urban Outfitters

tell me it's over or everything you hoped for

this is a super cute spring outfit,
i'm totally winnning, this make no sense, i'm too tired to be blogging.

  • Striped Top F21
  • Floral Denim Shorts F21

you've got your hands on her button down

it's late, but i'm getting back into the bow trend, so cuteee.
i want to look like a little angel hahaha.
anyways this is my workish outfit.
button ups and bows.

  • Blue Button Up Ralph Lauren
  • Black Leggings American Apparel
  • Black Braided Belt Value Village
  • Mirror Necklace ASOS
  • Brown Satchel H&M
  • White Bow Hilary Arellano

i'd rather die, then to be with you

array of different photo outfits

  • Mesh Floral Shirt Forever 21

  • Heart Playsuit Forever21

wore this to biffle Jeffreys play, i was suppose to be a bit fancier
  • Pink Shirt Simons
  • Floral Skirt Forever 21
  • Black Blazer Torrids
  • Clock Necklace Urban Outfitters

so, show me love

funny thing, i saw this shirt on asos but was unable to purchase it at the time.
i wanted the shirt badly enough that i hoped it would somehow be on ebay.
thankfully it was easily found, and easily thrown into my wardrobe.

  • Cream Bow Blouse ASOS

you know i'm not around because of you

so i noticed i totally have a thing for things; striped, floral, lace, silky, cream coloured, fairy like, fancy or wool.
almost all the clothing i own can fit into one of those categories.
i love practically anything floral, too bad the shorts look almost pajama like :(

  • Striped Shirt H&M
  • Floral Shorts Forever 21

you've got a mouthful of diamonds

i've neglected to blog for a while, which is why i shall make multiple updates
so sorry about this i'll write about random days for each.
on this day i went to my boy biffle jeffreys house, it was pretty goood.
saw that cardigan at f21 and knew i had to buy it.
same day i went to h&m and found this cute shirt in two different colours i ended up coming home with the pink & black one as well as the navy & white one.
so cute and sailor-esque

  • Sailor Shirt H&M
  • Black Highwaisted Pencil Skirt American Apparel

  • White Lace Sweater Forever 21
  • Floral Tank Dynamite