you must have lost your wits

i've been looking for the perfect varsity jacket literally for over 2 years, my dreams came true when i found this baby.
i saw this coat on new look a couple months ago, but waited till it was finally on sale to buy it.
i probably should have gotten it a size or two smaller, this coat is overly large.
it's okay, it's cute, and blue, and makes me happy.
haven't updated in a while, too busy doing other things.
loving life right now, i am broke and can't go shopping for eternity.
just kidding, but legit, won't be shopping for a while.
well, i am off to work and then playing cod and other shit with ryan for the rest of the day :)

  • Varsity Jacket New Look
  • Long Sleeve Lace Top Charlotte Russe
  • Floral Denim Shorts Forever 21

slowly my regrets are fading away.

so i bought this pretty cute polka dot dress the other day from value village.
actually everything in this post has been thrifted,
i seriously love value village, i always find some treasures that are incredibly cute or special.
the trick i use for thrifting is grab a cart, go through every aisle, and almost every item.
although you have to sift through tons of things, you'll eventually find those beautiful gems hidden within tons and tons of clothes.

  • Polka Dot Dress Value Village
  • Golden Flower Belt Value Village
  • Black Purse Value Village
  • Mirror Necklace Topshop

i wanna hear you say, you give me something to die for.

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last update, i'm getting exhausted.
the photos all look almost the same but whatever.
finally got around to buying maxi dresses the other day, last year i really wanted to get one but i couldn't find any i liked and i didn't feel comfortable wearing a floor length dress casually.
now, i am so down.
i bought two, but since i like to be angelic i wanted to wear the white one.
i don't like the top that much so i'm going to permanently sew in some lace eventually.
for now i'll just wear a lace tank underneath.
i think my leatherjacket makes it a bit more tough looking hahahah.

  • White Maxi Forever 21
  • Lace Tank Urban Outfitters
  • Leather Jacket ASOS

and i'm not sleeping now, the dark is too hard to beat.

so i bought this pretty cute, angelic dress.
as soon as i saw it i knew i needed it.
technically, it was a maxi pleated white skirt.
but the material is too soft and beautiful to just be a skirt.
thus i made it into a dress and used my beautiful golden belt to make it even more angelic.
i think i seriously just always want to look innocent, angelic, or fairy like.
whatever i've got this down.

  • Flower Headband Aldo
  • Angelic Dress Value Village
  • Golden Flower Belt Value Village
  • Gem Choker Dad

you're my river running high, i'll follow you.

so i finally got around to taking actual photos,
although not the best, this is the best i could do for the time.
it's midnight, i am exhausted.
ignore how ugly i look hahah,
also, listen to girltalk, triple double!
i've only worn this sequin dress once, and it was for our grad scavenger hunt last year.
mix and matched it with my blazer, cute new gold flower belt, and my super shiny camera necklace thanks to my aunt.

  • Black Blazer Torrids
  • Sequin Tank Dress Value Village
  • Gold Floral Belt Value Village
  • Lace Tights Urban Planet
  • Camera Necklace Aunt

living young, wild and free.

these pictures barely do me justice, haha
went shopping at forever 21 the other day, i really liked this white dress, i couldn't find my tights so i was wearing them with these awkward thick shorts underneath and they made the dress bunch awkwardly.
i went to japanese lunch & a movie with boy biffle jeffrey, although we had to leave the movie after 40 minutes because there was an extremely irritating buzzing noise. afterwards we went to my friend adrians 19th birthday last night, twas fun. i thought this dress was cute.
i wore it with black tights.
the outfit was both fancy enough for dinner, casual enough for a movie, and then classy enough for a nice party.
i wore it with a hoodie during the lunch and movie because it was pouring rain and all i had was my leather jacket, but later on it was nice enough to wear just my leather jacket so i did that.
this is what i would call a useful outfit.

  • Striped Dress Forever 21
  • Sunglasses Forever 21
  • Pink Clutch ASOS
  • Flower Headband J Crew
  • Bow Headband Hilary

we are a mess, we are failures, and we love it.

really liked this outfit, i think all i did was walk around this day.
i have a new closet behind me in the first 2 photos, finally filled them up,
i'll post a photo in the morning of it.

  • Purple Onesie Urban Outfitters
  • Floral Skirt Forever 21
  • Leather Jacket ASOS
  • Pink Floral Tights Simons

oh, are we so alive?

still trying to be super cute, haha i don't know how much longer i'm gonna be able to pull this off.
also, wen't shopping through nicoles things, YAYYY.

  • Striped Top in my closet, not sure from where
  • Clock Locket Urban Outfitters
  • Green Button Skirt Forever 21

  • Striped Sweater Nicole B
  • Mirror Necklace Topshop
  • Black Tights H&M
  • Adorable Bag Nicole B

since i got this feeling, i can't shut down

my leather jacket has become a vital piece in my everyday outfit.
i can match it with almost everything, for a different look.
whatever i still look like an angelic fairy, cause i'm wearing a floral print dress that sometimes reminds me of pillowcases.

  • Leather Jacket ASOS
  • Floral Dress Value Village
  • Braided Belt Value Village
  • Mirror Necklace Topshop

we are a mess

i really want to look princessy, like all the time.
or angelic, i have this thing with looking like a angelic fairy princess.
but anywhooo, i wanted to wear this oversized coat for once.
decided on wearing it with a fancy dress.

ps, look how long my hair is!!!!


  • Frill Skirt Bandeau Dress ASOS CURVE
  • Oversized Green Coat ASOS CURVE
  • Black Thick Braided Belt Value Village

this town, it's so electric.

so this was a while ago, and i don't wanna forget my old photos, i shall update tonight.
this day, i remember picking up my sister from work with michelle, denise, ryan and trex but
i'm not sure what else we did.
get ready for mad bow photos, since i haven't gotten around to buying anymore i always wear this bow, tooo cute.

  • Old Band Tee Chiodos Nicole Balitian
  • Bird Blazer Forever 21
  • Brown Skirt Zara
  • Gold Ring Aldo

and i'll run away, away with you

So for once i actually have nice outfits taken of me,
technically these are suppose to go onto my new surprise blog, which will be launched in a few weeks.
i am actually so excited, but my co blogger wants different photos....
so technically i can use these, i think.
anywhooo, i have a few update posts that i'll probably post tonight but they are almost all shitty quality macbook photos because, i suck as a self photographer and no longer have a tripod, so the macs the second best.
i've been having a terrible continuation to a bad week.
but i don't want to be so pessimistic, so i shall just keep dressing happier to brighten my mood.
photocred to my boy biffle jeffrey!
on this day, we just went photoshooting near matts area, i think they turned out pretty nice.

  • White Pullover American Apparel
  • Floral Denim Shorts Forever 21
  • Black Tights H&M
  • Floral Necklace Forever 21
  • Studded Boots Forever 21
  • Brown Satchel H&M
  • Beige Purse Forever 21