Top 12 of 2013

This year has been a crazy year for me, overall it's been amazing and I couldn't be happier with where I am.

I think it's been a defining year for me and I can proudly say i'm pretty much totally comfortable in my skin. It's been all about breaking fashion "rules" and wearing anything and everything i've wanted(note: I have been doing this 85% of the time, i'm happy to say I no longer give that 15% of a fuck the rest of the time). I'm happy with who I am, and I think i'll continue doing things the way I want ie. no I will not wear forbid myself from wearing shorts/crops/skirts/anything because it might possibly offend you in some way.

Anyways, Let me know what were your own favourite looks for 2013? Any favourite trends during the year?
These are my Top 12 Outfit Posts of 2013(that were documented anyways);

Let me know which look was your favourite!

1.Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto plusblogger gold chain stripe onesie fatshion smoke stripes forever21  
2.Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto plusblogger new look leather skirt fatshion
3.Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto plusblogger my little pony forever21plus  
4.Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto plusblogger ASOS Curve tartan plaid
 5.Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto plusblogger aritzia translucent unif new look
6.Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto plusblogger drop dead gold chain sunglasses fatshion
7.Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto plusblogger acne atacoma wedges floral skirt
8.Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto plusblogger domino dollhouse HUF fatshion jac vanek
 9.Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto plusblogger forever21 faux fur boyfriend jeans
10.Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto plusblogger ASOS Curve Forever21 Denim Jacket knee highs
11.Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto plusblogger new look dress angelic
12.Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto plusblogger fur urban outfitters 
Have a great New Year!!!!! Enjoy whatever it is you are doing!
Hope you all had a great year and that 2014 will be even better!

Velvet Harem Pants!

While shopping downtown on boxing day I happened to stop by Urban Outfitters which was having an amazing sale(50% off of sale!).

Perusing through the ton of sale racks I found quite an awesome haul of stuff, included in that haul were the most beautiful ecote diamond meadows velvet harem pants, which are currently on sale! I picked them up for $10 and managed to grab a ton of things for under $50, this sweater included. I've been so incredibly happy with my recent purchases that I can't stop wearing them and/or creating outfits with all my new things.

Anyways I fell even more in love with these beautiful pants once I went home and created a ton of looks.... naturally it led to to me purchasing a pair in every colour.... I put quite a bit of thought into purchasing them all because I normally don't buy the same thing in multiple colours unless I really like it, and oh boy do I really really love these pants. They're just so simple and easy to pair with practically everything, I know they're going to be my go to pair of pants for the next while atleast.

Our house officially got power back this afternoon!! whooo pretty much a whole week without power drove everyone in the house insane but it's okay cause we survived! ^____^
Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto Fur Velvet Harem Pants Urban Outfitters Outfit
Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto Fur Velvet Harem Pants Urban Outfitters Outfit
Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto Fur Velvet Harem Pants Urban Outfitters Outfit
Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto Fur Velvet Harem Pants Urban Outfitters Outfit
Jessica Ip Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto Fur Velvet Harem Pants Urban Outfitters Outfit

Winter Wonderland

Late Merry Christmas//Happy Holidays!!!! I hope everyone enjoyed/is still enjoying there holidays!
This past Saturday Toronto was hit with a massive ice storm, it took a huge toll on the city and unfortunately 300,000 people were/are currently without power.
My family being one of them. Worst part is my house is the only one on the street without power so no one can even notice that we don't have power.
The tree infront of our house froze and knocked down our power line, it's actually pretty dangerous and was hanging out in the road for several days.
Our house still does not have power and we've pretty much given up on Toronto/Ottawa/All of the Hydro people doing anything at this point.
Yes, they have fixed over 150,000 peoples electricity but decided they would not work on individual calls and only mass ones, which obviously make sense but when it's seriously freezing outside and it is the christmas/winter holidays it kinda made the ten thousand rants my dad threw at me about how "we should have the hydro underneath the ground, the city has not helped at all and doesn't care if everyones freezing to death, and pretty much how canada is not a developed country in his eyes" more considerable. I don't agree with everything he said but I definitely think there would have been ways this could have been avoided, and after seeing such a critical hit it took on the city and much more could have been done.
We even saw many hydro trucks on christmas eve within walking distance from our house fixing a set of dangerous wires on the ground and we practically begged them to fix our house or if they knew when it would be fixed and they we're just assholes.
Anyways our family is mostly pretty tough, and we toughened it out and stayed in our frozen home it was pretty bad and we're all really sick at this point but we're mostly together.
Luckily our water pipes in my house were freezing(and about to burst) so we had to set up a generator!!!!! Which meant that we got heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glorious heat!!!!!!!!!
It's only 3000 watts but it's enough for the heat, the internet, two lamps, and a few outlets for charging. 
At this point that's amazing enough for me!
I never realized how easily I took those things for granted; electricity, heat, food and water.
All those things were expected and without them it's been pretty hard.
Even though the holidays haven't been the greatest time i'm so incredibly thankful for my amazing boyfriend, our family who toughens it out together, all the silly memories i'll have of this ice storm and everything else that's been great in my life.
Anyways since we got partial power back on last night, Jayson and I decided to head downtown today to do some boxing day shopping~~~*~~*~~*~*~
We went to the hectic Eaton Centre and only hit up a few stores but oh boy we're the sales amazing!!!
Urban Outfitters and H&M had the best sales(50% off sales, and buy one get one free whoop whoop)!!! Bought a ton of cute cheap things yay! ^_______^
What was your best purchases for boxing day?
What are you thankful for this holiday?

everything was frozen solid it was like being in a winter wonderland!

  • My Little Pony beanie  H&M
  • sweater, leggings, leather shorts Forever21
  • Purse Urban Outfitters
  • Shoes Thrift

On the left is the dangling wire that's hanging in front of my house, my dad became desperate enough to see if he could attempt at reconnecting it himself... Fortunately we don't have a big enough ladder to reach.

Christine Song makes the best everything, AND the money went to a good cause! #xmascookies4haiyan
These two things kept me sane during the early already dark evenings(sunset is around 4:30pm).
Also found this book and I was seriously dead the whole time reading it, toooo funny! I've started reading her blog since getting internet back, Allie is just too relate-able and hilarious.

03. Twinsies x Domino Dollhouse

Last weekend Toronto was covered in snow and it was just terrible. Alas, I still ventured out in the blizzard to see my beloved twin. I made sure to dress extremely warm bundled up with a hat, gloves, all the necessities, especially my super warm and cute HUF socks.
I'm in looooove with my Doll Beanie from Domino Dollhouse! I wear it practically everyday, it's become a winter staple for me, I think it's the cutest.
Jess loves them too, the pink one is still for sale here.
If you are like me and love my F OFF Tie Dye shirt from Jac Vanek you can purchase it on sale here.
I swear her and I really freak oneanother out, when I went over Jess was wearing the matching necklace which she and I hardly wear(basically we chose one item we can match on, but somehow always end up really twinning).
We have something fun coming up for this weekend! 
Although we'll be spending majority of it laying on the ground playing Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon because I don't know! But that's okay because it's fun and it's the winter holidays so why not?

can't wait to see this finished
i love magnetic words!
SIBUNA!! (fun fact: i have become secretly obsessed with house of anubis since finding it on netflix.)

  • Doll Beanie Domino Dollhouse
  • F OFF Tie Dye Long Sleeve Jac Vanek
  • Leggings Forever21
  • Socks HUF
  • Mocs Soft Moc
  • Necklace New Look

We Love Colors Review!

Valeria from We Love Colors was kind enough to send me some tights to review!
For those of you who don't know, We Love Colors sells a variety of awesome plus size tights in 51 colors! 
I love the tights they're super opaque and don't become sheer in some spots like other tights.
They're extremely soft, They sent me the Plus Size Nylon/Lycra Tights in Lilac and Light Pink, I got mine in a size a/b and they fit perfectly(they never fall down like other tights).
I think the color is perfect too, super vibrant.
 They have a huge variety of different colored tights plus other item.  
The tights are not too thin but not too thick either, it's awesome because I was warm enough to be outside for a bit in them before I got cold(it's currently -14°) but I know I'll wear the second pair in the spring/summer and not be melting!
Be sure to pull the bottom of the tights up because they're super stretchy and appear more opaque.
I've always been a never wear pants kind of girl, so tights and leggings have pretty much been a wardrobe staple forever, I love finding good quality tights and these are definitely one of the best!
They can even endure the claws of two puppies and a big dog and still come out with no tears!
Are these tights worth it?? I definitely think yes!; Shipping was really quick, they're worth the cost(I would have payed $3 less for the tights I get from fast fashion stores every winter, which inevitably get ruined after the season), quality is amazing, fit is great, opaque and super comfortable!
 Would I buy them?
 Of course!! Pastel Mint, Maroon, Mint Green, Black and Peach are definitely next on my list!

02. Twinsies x Mint

I went over to twins house last weekend, it was so much fun!
I'm actually obsessed with her apartment it's just too lovely.
We decided for our twin outfit it would be mint and black.
Oddly enough we have the exact same top, when I came over she was like "we're seriously twins!!"
and we seriously were, she has a top identical too mine from forever21, but mines a thrifted one with those old shoulder pads.
Anyways we decided to have a twin tea party! I love her tea set too! I just love Jess <3>
I'm heading over there again tomorrow so stay tuned for whatever we come up with.

  • Mint Blouse, Cardigan, Locket and Shoes Thrifted
  • Mesh Velvet Tights New Look
  • Shorts Forever21+
  • Coat ASOS Curve