speak no feeling

So for the past week or so the weather has been either really incredibly hot or incredibly rainy,
I just hate it, and wish it could be perfect summer weather everyday.
these were taken last night; Jayson, David & I decided to go trek through the forest to the train tracks and brought blankets and stuff so we could relax, it was really fun and then afterwards I watched this is the end, that celebrity party end of the world movie.
It was pretty funny, and if you like those kinda movies OR love pineapple express(as much as me) then you will enjoy it.

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Last weekend

So the past weekend I went to Bianca and Dani's S/S '13 Pop up sale at Sauvage!
The duo are amazing and if you don't know about them yet you should!
I've known Bianca for years, and she's always been super crafty and when the two of them met a few years ago they joined together to make incredibly beautiful jewelry and clothes!!
I honestly love everything they make, and will be sporting some new pieces from them soon!
One of the skirts i'm getting is being custom sized for me so it's perfect :D
 The other half of my weekend was spent doing crazy shenanigans on our impromptu spontaneous trip up to the cottage, it was seriously a lot of fun and we had some wicked adventures.
Also, most photos taken by Jayson(that's why they're on weird angles haha)
 Kastor & Pollux S/S 13

 Bianca, Dani & I
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 Pizza we ate right beside Sauvage the left side was the secret Big Mac pizza

these are just words

so my past week was pretty busy, 
i went to kastor & pollux pop up sale at sauvage on friday!
 i will post pictures from then within the next few days, it was awesome and i ended up getting a beautiful necklace from there s/s '13 launch.
also my friends and i had a spontaneous impromptu trip up to wasaga beach to christophers cottage!!
was so fun, i love getting out of the city it's too exciting.
i got this holographic purse back in january, also happened to break it(i don't think anyone can tell in the photos ^__^)
anyways i like it soo soo much but it's too small for me to be practical with.
this is my fun summery outfit of the day.

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i think i'm coming down

So if you didn't already know, i'm a total shopaholic.
like insane, i know i should stop, and i probably will, somewhat, maybe... soon.
anyways!!!! i love sales, my shopping stems from sales because when i see sales i go crazy ahahaha
all the things that i wanted(because i spend almost all hours of my freetime perusing any and all of my favourite online stores) that were to expensive and then went on sale.
i love sales!! i love clothes!! this needs to stop asap!!
haha anyways last month new look had 60% off sale or whatever they call it,
oddly enough my dad offered to buy my clothes! random luck, that led to me treasure surfing through sale and spending $140 cad on about 15 things!!
included in that haul was this lovely green jacket which i plan on either studding or putting butons on, and then the lovely gold chain necklace(wanted a really nice one forever) in a pinkish kinda gold  
oh also, the sparkly flats which have become my easy go to shoes are from plndr!! another sale site cause i'm actually crazy haha, you can still get them! they're only $10

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