so far above the cloudless sky

I went downtown last weekend for a nice stroll, Jayson had to take some photos for his friends so they decided on meeting around Queen and Bathurst.
It's getting pretty chilly now so thus, busted out my awesome coat I snagged at Big Deal Toronto from Sadia for only $30! :)
Growing up in Toronto i've become pretty accustomed to the awesome street art pretty much everywhere. Roaming downtown I always see a huge amount of nice ones.
I also have recently just purchased a few pairs of jeans(if you know me, you would know I never ever ever wear jeans) and for once i'm actually super excited!!!! I've honestly always hated wearing pants because they feel restricting or they just didn't look right, but now i've found 3 pairs that I totally love and i'm going to show you all very soon.

  • Coat ASOS
  • Top and Skirt New Look
  • Bag Forever21
  • Leggings and Boots Thrift
I love this one, I saw it at Kensington Market as well
if you didn't know, our mayor is apparently a crack head

I think it's strange you never knew

Last weekend I had the chance to visit my dear friend Nicole for her birthday!
I've known her since we we're kids, it was really great getting to finally see her.
She now currently lives at a temple, although I was a bit nervous (after receiving a speech about not wearing anything revealing). I felt a little limited on what to wear, I guess that added pressure made me scared but I was perfectly fine, I wore my grey acid washed skirt, leggings and my favourite flower sweater. 
It was really different being at the temple, and I actually must give her credit because everything she explained to me made total sense. It was really nice seeing some of the traditions and i'm so glad Nicole's as happy as she is there, but she's leaving for India next week so I won't get a chance to visit again for a long time. :'(
On a happier note, today is my birthday! wheee, i'm actually pretty tired and I need to start getting ready to go buy some things for a small gathering tonight before I head off to work.

  •  Flower Sweater Forever21
  • Skirt and Tights New Look
  • Bag Urban Outfitters
  • Necklace Made by Me
  • Shoes Thrift

Fashion in the Digital World 2.0

I was invited to Fashion in the Digital World 2.0 by Fashion Forward,
it was held at the Hard Rock Cafe downtown(I had never been there prior to yesterday).
Met up with Jessica and we ended up loafting around downtown for a bit since the event ended up starting a bit later.
We ended up in an alley taking photos, whilst trying to be coerced by a group of guys in a stair corner to come over, haha I always enjoy twin time with Jess
The event was interesting; I felt it was actually more for sellers, designers, and the 'internet tech' people rather than media guests.
Jayson and Hilary joined us afterwards and we ate some delicious pasta, watched the panel/discussion, and then headed outside to chat some more.
Took a ton of photos, hope you enjoy! xx

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 I luv my twin <3 comment-3--="">

Jessica Masil is a gorgeous doll

 Mid boob grab////dramatic poses in the water haha
I love you guys

Birthday Wantlist

My birthday is this Friday, the 18th! I am actually pretty excited this year, I spent a huge portion of time thinking about how it's so weird to be growing up; as a kid all I ever wanted was to get older and now it feels like times flying by. All the items in my want list are pretty justifiable for me, it consists of either a, purchases i've wanted but held off from for quite some time and I still really feel the urge to check up on/still want it but had been too costly to purchase at the time. or b, other more recent things I really,really, really, want need.
For example; all the things from ASOS below excluding the dungaree dress have been things i've wanted over the past few months and had to contemplate on because of the price point now, much later on they are at a more compelling price and thus justifies why they must get into my wardbrobe.
I also am in love with the new Miista Allison Irid Black, I purchased the Silver Iridescent Zoe this past spring and completely love them although I didn't wear them as much as I wish I could(I got incredibly worried of getting them dirty) which is why I think the Allison would be an amazing purchase since it wont be as easy to get dirty.
I also plan on twinning with my sister again(she bought leopard harem pants!)
I guess my wantlist is partial all my fall pieces and a few past season items :)
Can't wait for this weekend!

Blackmilk Galaxy Purple Skater Skirt 

Koko Black High Shine Disco Pants 

 Daisies Half Crew 

Get Your Shit Together Half Crew

Red Check Dungaree Maxi Dress

Dark Grey Crushed Velvet Skater Skirt 

Blue Velvet Turtle Neck Crop Top   Purfect Crop Top

I was falling in love

Hope everyone had a great long holiday weekend//thanksgiving!
I used that time to catch up on some well needed sleep.
Took a few quick outfit photos before heading out Friday night, I got these tribal pants last week from Forever21, and i'm seriously in loveeeee with them, they're impeccably comfy and pretty easy to pair with. 
I paired them with a basic top from J Crew, Denim Jacket from Forever21, Unif Satchel, and my favourite holographic flats.
I'm in probably one of the best moods i've been in for the past while;
Toronto Fashion Week is coming up, along with going to see Drake, and my birthday is in a few days! might try and make a birthday wantlist wheee
I can't wait, i'm honestly stoked for the next few weeks, it's my last chance of cramming in some fun before I get started on my school application.
The winner for my giveaway was J Aubrey Masil !!! 
whoop whoop can't wait to see you Wednesday!

  • Pants & Jacket Forever21
  • Top J Crew
  • Satchel UNIF
  • Flats PLNDR
  • Necklace Thrift

I was a stone's throw away from land

I've been away for a little bit; between sorting out work issues, and then catching the flu for a week 
i've been pretty sick and a little stressed.
It's okay now though cause those have been sorted, sorta.
Anyways fall is really here, it always makes me a little sad because I know i'll miss the warm weather(even though there can be melting heat) but yesterday it was quite sunny so Josh, Chris and I danced in the sun for one last time.
The photos of my new UNIF Spectrum Satchel don't do any justice, although the bag is beautifullllllll I had a really hard time purchasing it because I do not like to spend a lot of money on just one thing, but inevitably I gave in and got my dad to purchase it hehehe. When it arrived I literally put probably 4 things inside of it and wore it with the strap and it snapped in 5 seconds. I was really really really upset and that just proves to me that maybe I should have really thought about this purchase more since quality wise, it wasn't worth it. Although it does look super cute as just as bag.
Now for some exciting news Fashion Forward has invited me to be a media guest at there Fashion in the Digital World 2.0 which will be next Wednesday October 16th at 6PM. They we're also kind enough to sponsor a pair of tickets to the event for one of my lucky Toronto/surrounding area's readers, the contest starts today Oct 9, and will run till Sunday Oct 13 2013.
To enter you must be following Clothes and Shit on Google Friend Connect, and follow Fashion Forward's twitter account or like their facebook page.
Goodluck everyone!

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