Big Deal Toronto

First off, none of this would have happened without the lovely Karen Ward (and Peter) who organized and made Big Deal Toronto possible!!!
Thanks so much for getting this event together, and letting me be a part of it! :)
Also, I got called into work and had nothing ready for the event(since I was thinking I would have Saturday to get it all done) so my boyfriend and my sister ended up tagging and getting everything ready for me, I love you guys.
It was a huge success, I loved meeting and getting to know everyone, you're all great and I can't wait to see everyone again soon.
Honestly it was really really busy, pretty much till half an hour till we were done. 
Everyone was happy shopping, I was running around, as well as Jayson who was somehow managing to keep my rack organized and off the floor haha. 
Although a little tiring, it was awesome and I can't wait for the next Big Deal Toronto.

ps. ignore how grumpy i look in these photos, we went out for dinner afterwards and i was soooo exhausted and slept in the car so i'm having some serious bitchface going on.

  • Polka dot tank(which has boning that cut into my skin several times :'(  ) Newlook
  • Mint Skirt H&M
  • Flowy Coverup thing fatshionxchange
  • Holographic flats PLNDR
  • Bag Urban Outfitters
  • Oil Slick Necklace made by me!!
you may have seen this little rugrat running around 3030 all day, she's so silly

My rack

all the necklaces i made!!
Amarina, Lisa and I
Chris & Hee visited me!
cuteness by Karen
Special thanks to our sponsors Your Big Sister's Closet, Make Up For Ever Canada, eShakti, Lane Bryant, Paper Heart, and Fit Zone Plus
Hectic front cash 
3030 had all these vhs for decoration, seriously most hipster place i've been ahaha

all i wanna do is

I recently picked up a second job so i've been super busy making dat gwop,
you know, but really it's been a little stressful i'm super tired.
Anyways if you didn't know this Sunday you can shop my closet~*~*~*~ 
along with other plus size Toronto bloggers!
come out and meet me and shop!
More information here
About a month ago I splurged on the Drop Dead Sale!!
My boyfriend and I bought matching tanks, I seriously love it.
Since normally Jayson takes all my photos we asked my friend Josh to take some of us, We took some together too.
Also, if you haven't noticed i'm totally in love/obsessed with colour leaks... so don't expect them to disappear anytime soon (sorry if you hate them :( )
also got these sunnies for like $3 in china town still don't know if i like them yet, what do you think?

  •  Tank Drop Dead
  • Sunnies China Town
  • Chain New Look
  • Shorts Forever21
  • Socks & Shoes Thrift



i keep dancing on my own

Toronto has been way way way too hot for any clothes. 
There has been heatwave warnings during the past two weeks, i've stuck to tank tops and shorts cause i'm just melting away.
I went to the park with my sister at like 8pm(we were thinking it would have cooled down by now, totally didn't) it was too hot and i wore a black zip up coverup kinda thing as a top thinking it would be okay, not likely i was melting to death. 
Then my sister and i had a cute sibling photoshoot haha.
Anyways i have some exciting news!
Next Sunday, July 28 2pm-6pm you can shop mine and other plus size toronto bloggers closets!
i'm so stoked to meet other bloggers and most definitely shop myself, come out and shop!

    •  Coverup Torrid
    • Skirt Primark
    • Holo Flats PLNDR
    • Clutch H&M

    suddenly, i'm not so sure.

    I am at Niagara Falls right now!!
    loving this vacation so far, pretty much all we've done is explore and eat.
    I'm so excited cause we're going to Skylon tonight!
    Anyways there are a lot of fun things to do up here; pretty much a thousand attractions including 4d movies and museums and even more different foods and gifts.
    Daria & Michael are coming up tomorrow can't wait to shimmy it up with them.
    Oh also, we managed to somehow lock ourself out of the hotel room yesterday within an hr of checking in. Long story short there's a back door to the fire exit that clearly has a sign stating do not open because room key won't work and somehow we wen't out and got locked out and it took like an hour to get back in haha.
    ps. after years and years and years of lusting after the Acne Atacoma Wedges, guess who got them?!?!?! I DID!!!
    I love them so much!!

    • Floral Crop Top & Coat Newlook
    • 3d Floral Skirt Primark
    • Atacoma Acne
    • Bullet Crystal Necklace Self

    i'm up all night to the sun

    This past weekend I went up to Bronte Creek with Bianca, Justin, Jayson, Wesley, Andrea, Chris, and AJ.
    It was actually a lot of fun, it was great getting away from the city.
    Sleeping in tents is awesome, it's just so nice to be with nature.
    It was honestly a crazy weekend, all I can really remember is being offered an abundance of fruit and water, this is meta, and basically living out of Justins trunk haha.
    Anyways coming back home, I checked up on my emails and everywhere is having a sale(pretty much every link for where i shop)!!!!
    I ended up making purchases from PLNDR, Newlook & I am waiting for midnight to make an order from Domino Dollhouse(they're having a 40% off sale starting tonight use code 40HOT!!)
    I actually have mostly been buying shoes lately, I think Bianca's sending the shoe addiction over~~*~~~
    I'm heading to Niagara Falls tomorrow till Saturday!!
    I'll have an update sometime before I come back, i'm going to Skylon(basically CN Tower of Niagara Falls) hehe can't wait.

     Cute Beebz & I

    • Fun Cat Top Drop Dead
    • Polka dot Shorts Forever21