this is how the beat drops

being kicked out of school comes with a lot of negatives,
too me, i see quite a few positives.
crazy shopping = good way to use my time.
a lot of free time besides working.
my plan is if i can't work fulltime where i'm working now, i'll get a second job in february.
although my life keeps getting shittier, atleast there's some positive aspects coming out of it.

^ me in my dream snuggie hahahahha

  • Blue Cardigan Top American Apparel
  • White Cardigan Thrift
  • Dark Leopard Skirt Forever 21
  • White Floral Headband J Crew

so happy i could die

while trying to keep updated,
took these yesterday before the party slash i've been awake for 43 hours.
i'm about to die, i'm pretty happy right now gonna do my isu peace bitches.

  • Lace Overlay Skirt F21
  • Black Lace Tank Urban Outfitters
  • Jacket ASOS Curve

all of the lights

oh man, i should get a reward for trying to continue updating.
hahah oh well, right now i can't think of what to write or anything.....
soooo, in my attempt to keep updated, i went to dianes today the usual with eman and mario.
they're like my family now.
school shit's starting to hit me in the face, but i'm gonna catchup!!
don't fret jessica.
anyways i'm broke as shit now and i spent more money on clothes.

  • Black Tank H&M
  • Part Lace Double Breasted Cardigan F21
  • Floral Highwaisted Skirt F21
  • Brown Satchel H&M
  • Black Leggings dunno
  • Floral Necklace ASOS