my sensible heart

honestly, life has become a blur, just like these photos my life feels the same.
beautiful, out of focus, discoloured, and filled with sparks of light.
i'm craving some shopping, hopefully tomorrow!

let's fade now

i like this one the best for my double exposures

won't give you my heart, no one lives here anymore.

i honestly have nothing to say, i'm annoyed i no longer have photoshop, need to get on that.
finally took some photos outside, they aren't the greatest but it was really cold and i just wanted to play with exposures.
it's like i'm a fleeting ghost, vanishing and shit

  • Filigree Heart Necklace Urban Outfitters
  • Floral Tank Dynamite
  • Green Button Skirt Forever 21
  • White Stud Cardigan Aritzia
  • Black HighWaisted Leggings American Apparel
  • Brown Satchel H&M
  • Brown Aviator Jacket ASOS

i'm going in for the kill

not really outfit post, more of this adorable headband that my biffle bianca venerayan made for me.
laaav her bunches.
more fucked up fun times soon.

  • Cutest headband ever Bianca Venerayan
  • Blue fun sleeves dress Forever 21

and i guess, i'll just begin again

so i want to keep updating semi regularly, it's a little hard though.
today i got my other asos package! fantastic
after i take a shower i'm gonna go and figure that out.

  • Furry Earmuffs Nicole
  • Brown Aviator Jacket ASOS
  • White Lace Tank Urban Outfitters
  • Cream Cardigan Aritzia
  • Pink Boatneck J. Crew
  • Grey Tulle Skirt Forever 21
  • Shiny Black Leggings American Apparel
  • disgusting UGGS

keep your body next to mine and set me free

so today, i finally got my package from asos!
inside was a pretty blue shirt with fun sleeves,
a blue version of my pink hook dress,
a black off shoulder sleeve sweater dress,
a leopard skirt, and this beautiful crazy sweater!
it's actually a new favourite/ wardrobe staple in my closet from now on.
also, i'm going to be rennovating my room soon so i decided to take off all the old memories to make room for new ones :)


  • White Tank Dress American Apparel
  • Black Belt Value Village
  • Black Tights Dunno
  • Beautiful Ball Necklace Topshop
  • Double Cross Insert Ring Jeno
  • Crazy Blanket Sweater ASOS

about that night

so new years was a blast, too bad 1, i don't remember much and 2, no outfit photos :(
but enjoy these jokes and a half photos

dead girllll

classy biiitch

bottom of my dress & boots

dead girl with a lighter

denise is hottttt