and I am only as young as the minute is

This weekend I went to Fan Expo! It was super tiring but Jayson bought me all these cute /mostly adventure time things so I was super happy! I finally got an LSP and BMO plushie and this adorable giant bunny, I honestly have no idea where it's from(so if you have the answer please tell me) but it was just to cute not to get. ^____^
I got this shirt sent to me by accident by New Look but it's awesome because now I have a cool shirt I never even saw on the site. The leather looking skirt is also from New Look but it sold out on their site, and ended up on the ASOS Curve and Inspire line a few weeks later, which is hence where it came.
These were my second and favourite pair of wedges I ever bought, it was sometime after high school.
Since then I have partied way to hard, and fallen down hills in them and now they are battered and becoming super destroyed but I still love them to bits.

  • Top NewLook
  • Leather Looking Skirt NewLook
  • Diamond Necklace PLNDR
  • Strap Wedges Journeys

Makeup: Lipstick Ruby Woo Mac Eyeliner Urban Decay

Adventure Time!!!
Daft Punk



I can't stop shopping, this week i've received atleast a package everyday, some days 1-4.
I love clothes too much, anyways i've been trying to take photos consistently but when you're as tired as I am, it's really, really hard.
Work has really been stressing me out and i'm thinking about letting the newer job go,
it's not worth being this exhausted everyday.
Not to mention it being extremely frustrating most days, i'm getting ready to go as I write this.
This dress is from Urban Outfitters! I got it in the renewal/vintage remade stuff section and I absolutely love it, it's so cute.
I felt a little nervous with the length but having shorts or a skirt underneath as safety works.
My sister saw me heading outside and said "omg, we are twinning!!" and we totally were!
We even both just got new shoes in our PLNDR package!!
They're both super alike with the lace sides, and creamish colour except hers are oxfords and mine are like creepz.

  • Dress Urban Outfitters Renewal
  • Necklace Forever21
  • Shoes PLNDR
supa kawaii~*~*~

don't wanna sleep tonight

This week has been really tiring and long and I can't wait for the weekend!!
This weekend the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) opens!!!
I seriously love going! I've went every summer for the past 3 summers; yummy foods, rides, games and it's just seriously my fave, everyone should go!! 
So this week works really caught up on me, and now Jayson works just as much as me(no one can take my photos even if I am home).
Part 1 of my ASOS order has arrived; inside was this lovely blue lace skater skirt and a ton of fun dresses.
I'm thinking about selling some stuff on ASOS marketplace, has anyone done this before? 
If so what should I expect?
This crop top is from H&M, they've made like a ton in different styles, so i've ended up having around 5 different ones. I'm in love with them, but since i've gained some weight since i've gotten them they're a little more snug, and that's ok weight fluctuates and that's normal and healthy and fine. 
Anyways there's really not much for me say at the moment, life has been pretty boring haha.
Also if you haven't entered my ASOS giveaway, then you should!! 
It's really simple; follow me on google friend connect and comment on what you would spend your $50 on and then you can unlock two more simple entries!
Who can say no to free money to shop with??!?

  • Crop Top H&M
  • Blue Lace Skater Skirt ASOS
  • Bullet Crystal Necklace made by me!
  • Shiny Shoes PLNDR

cause i'm yours to keep, if you want to. + ASOS Giveaway!

This week has been pretty hectic to sum it all up it was my grandpas 75th birthday, visited my twin Jessica Masil who I haven't seen in forever, went to Ribfest with my niece, went shopping and lastly Jaysons cousins Mercy's debut(basically big 18th celebration)
Anyways the debut was at a community centre which was at the old skatepark I use to go to back in high school it was really fun and I took some pictures in this cool perfectly hidden spot and I saw all these cute debut stuff like 18 roses and candles and fun performances. 
It was super exciting because I just bought this dress a little while back from New Look
when they were having a sale, I got it for only $8 and never had a chance to wear it so the debut made it perfect since it's pretty summery and not super fancy but not too normal either also if you haven't noticed i've been totally obsessed with this flowy shawl thing and my oil slick necklaces (I honestly made so many of them and now can't part with a whole bunch cause I love them too much, I've been giving them out to friends/sold some at Big Deal Toronto but if you're interested in getting one feel free to contact me) pretty much has to be one of my favourite purchases &adiy fun and I wear them practically all the time since they are awesome layering pieces for me.
I also recently bought a bunch of things from ASOS that were on sale, 
and in light of this I am giving away a $50 ASOS gift card to one lucky reader!
This contest is open to anyone, to enter you must follow Clothes and Shit on Google Friend Connect and comment on this post with your email and what you would spend your $50 on!
There are additional entries, you can follow me on instagram: jesskuuh and/or reblog this post
This contest ends on September 6th 2013!

  •  Dress New Look
  • Flowy Coverup Fatshionxchange
  • Oil Slick Necklace made by me
  • Mood Ring Topshop
  • Gold Holographic Flats(cause I loved the silver ones so much!!) PLNDR

Yummy Cake!
Mercy and her Mama

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Home for the Holidays

This week I was invited to the Home for the Holidays Preview, by the lovely Desia from Brill Communications!
It was a lot of fun, I came thinking it would only be Addition Elle, but it ended up being many companies showcasing their winter collection. Addition Elle actually had quite a few new things coming up, they're launching a new plus size winter sports line that consists of ski jackets and snow pants (which are normally pretty hard to find in plus sizes, let alone more fashion forward options).
Winter pieces were traditional; mostly black, embellishments, sequins etc. I did find a few items that for certain are going to become a part of my winter wardrobe such as: mesh zip up, military style dress and jacket and a few others. Now the most exciting from the AE preview was the new Ashley Graham lingerie line that will be launching in the winter as well! It's super cute and filled with pink and lace and bows (aka everything that's my fave).

Another thing coming up that is really awesome would be Korhani
which is a really nice home decor company. For the winter they have created fully decorated Christmas trees! They were really lovely and the one that caught my eye the most was filled with flowers, ribbons and overall just looked really really good. This year I am set on getting a pink tree but, the decorations we're just too cute to pass up on so I will be contacting Stefani about getting those decorations for my tree :)

I also got to try the Emjoi Micro-Pedi outside on the patio, it was awesome and I honestly have the worst feet ever(working two jobs and always being busy led to this) and this has to be the best thing i've ever seen for your feet, basically you can give yourself a pedicure at home without those scary knife looking scrapers and all that, it's simple and electronic and you can do it pretty much anywhere, I would recommend this over anything i've ever seen. 

Overall the morning was great; got a manicure from Donato Salon + Spa
using the newest Deborah Lippman
nail polish(this was super exciting because i've been a longtime fan of them since I first saw the Happy Birthday nail polish on Fredflare a few years ago) 

 Thanks again for inviting me!

I didn't end up taking as many photos as I wished, I was too busy talking and looking at everything but these are the ones I have.

  • Polka dot Crop Thrift
  • Floral Skirt Thrift
  • Purse H&M
  • Shoes borrowed from Sarah
  • Peter Pan Collar New Look
Lisa & I 
Addition-Elle Winter Preview
  Addition-Elle Winter Preview
I need this AE Mesh Jacket
Another must have AE Brocade Military Dress
AE Military Jacket
Ashley Graham's lingerie line
AE Winter Jewelry
 I love how Smart Set & Rimowa paired this
My Dream Christmas Tree, looking forward to getting all these decorations for my pink tree!
 Deborah Lipman nail polishes from Donato Salon
Lisa, Karen and I infront of the CN Tower