About Me

Hello! I'm Jessica Ip a 23-year-old photographer from Toronto, Canada!  
I enjoy dyeing my hair fun colours, playing with my two schnauzer children and their baby pomeranian brother, swimming~*~*(no one understands my love of the water seeing as... technically I don't know how to swim). I love; crafts(especially any/all diy things!), creating art, spending time with my niece, cooking, reading 6 books at any given time, and spending all my time scouring the internet. 
Oh, I also sorta may possibly have a minor shopping addiction(what can I say? I really reallly realllllllly love clothes/shoes/bags/everything haha).

Clothes and Shit has been my personal fashion outlet since 2010. In the past, I wanted to be able to revisit all my fun outfit endeavours in private but decided in May 2013 that I would change all of that. 
My blog is not only showcasing my personal style but, the many other aspects of my life.
Thus, Clothes and Shit.