Wantlist x Adventure Time x Black Milk Clothing

So for those of you who don't know or may not have realized, i'm totally in love with Adventure Time!
Like really, i'm completely obsessed.. I've seen every episode over 10 times, I've also kinda sorta made it my mission to collect every plushie, book, toy(including monopoly!!), homeware, and all apparel that I find that's Adventure Time related, I'll buy anything Adventure Time related really.

That's why finding out they had a collaboration with Black Milk Clothing made me kinda have a mini freakout.
 I've wanted leggings from Black Milk for practically forever and always kinda loafted on it, but seeing now that they carry up to an XL and have all these Adventure Time items I kinda neeeeed,
I think i'm gonna make my first order.

Thus I had to make my Adventure Time x Black Milk Clothing Wantlist!
These are all my favourites from the collection, and although it came out a few months ago, I just found out about them all now, and oh boy everything has to get into my closet, like now.


  1. I love Black Milk too. I'm soo looking forward for this collection to be released.


    1. Hey! everything has already been released!
      I love Black Milk! I'm so excited to add them to my closet <3