this is how the beat drops

being kicked out of school comes with a lot of negatives,
too me, i see quite a few positives.
crazy shopping = good way to use my time.
a lot of free time besides working.
my plan is if i can't work fulltime where i'm working now, i'll get a second job in february.
although my life keeps getting shittier, atleast there's some positive aspects coming out of it.

^ me in my dream snuggie hahahahha

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  • White Cardigan Thrift
  • Dark Leopard Skirt Forever 21
  • White Floral Headband J Crew

so happy i could die

while trying to keep updated,
took these yesterday before the party slash i've been awake for 43 hours.
i'm about to die, i'm pretty happy right now gonna do my isu peace bitches.

  • Lace Overlay Skirt F21
  • Black Lace Tank Urban Outfitters
  • Jacket ASOS Curve

all of the lights

oh man, i should get a reward for trying to continue updating.
hahah oh well, right now i can't think of what to write or anything.....
soooo, in my attempt to keep updated, i went to dianes today the usual with eman and mario.
they're like my family now.
school shit's starting to hit me in the face, but i'm gonna catchup!!
don't fret jessica.
anyways i'm broke as shit now and i spent more money on clothes.

  • Black Tank H&M
  • Part Lace Double Breasted Cardigan F21
  • Floral Highwaisted Skirt F21
  • Brown Satchel H&M
  • Black Leggings dunno
  • Floral Necklace ASOS

it's some deed, left undone

i wanna try and keep updating more frequently because i wanna compare how my style totally changes.
so on monday me and jessica, my school biffle had a 4 hour break and couldn't think of what to do, thus we went to the 50% off vv sale, then mcdonalds for free coffee!
while sifting aimlessly through mountains of treasure, i got bored and felt overwhelmed by the amount of people there, and that value smell.
so the only thing i found was a floral jean jacket, which at the time i really wanted, and thought was totally jokes, and useless.
but, today i also went shopping since my break of shopping for a month, and spent 150$ on a dress, two sweaters, a brown skirt, millions of socks, and lace bra.
anyways, when coming home and re trying random clothes, i realized i could totally wear that stupid purchase floral jacket with a white vneck and skirt, and it would look normal.
so that's my great news.
also, check out the new hellogoodbye cd it's pretty good.

  • Brown Skirt Zara
  • Black Leggings Forever 21
  • White Vneck Forever 21
  • Floral Jean Jacket Value Village

two single hearts on fire

wow, i would totes feel bad for not updating in the longest time if it wasn't for 1. no one reads this but me, and 2. i'm actually having the time of my life.
through the tears, laughter, and happiness i've been having for the past month, i'd say all in all, everything is wonderful.
i decided to not frivolously shop during october, so thus have not come up with any impeccable outfits but, last month was my birthday, and my padre had not bought me anything so last week i begged him to make an order from asos and he complied, it arrived today, but my dad said that taxes cost too much, and that i am not allowed to order from there anymore :(
i'm extremely happy with most of my order, ie. my black aviator looking jacket which is so warm and useful, my crazy cat sweater/shirt that i love, and this pink hook shirt/dress that looks like nightwear haha. what i am not totally happy with is this grey dress which appeared white silvery looking and angelic, but it's actually a kind of dirty grey. also it fit's a little small around the bust which means i must wear it with a sweater hahahha, although i really love it, it's just so annoying, it was suppose to be my dream new years dress which i bought waaay in advance, but it looks almost too fancy, wait,i actually took a break to retry it on, and it does fit. but, i feel like my boobs are too squeezed in and i can't breathe hahah. i guess i'll need to find a smaller bra, because my boobs look way to extra in this dress.
but i do feel like a princess in it... soo then, i will be wearing at biancas new years party!

okay you can look at extra photos of me now.....
please ignore how i am hahah.

  • Pink Camisole Hook Dress ASOS
  • Ivory Cardigan Aritzia

  • Grey(Looks Blue via webcam) Princess Dress ASOS

i wanna tell you there's a really good reason

why i came home wasted in the middle of the night

o0o0oh luvin bambi by tokyo police club roight now haha.

anyways old photos

with Bianca in montreal!

montreal broken bathroom haha
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  • Lace Cardigan H&M
  • White Cardigan Aritzia
  • Blue Tank Dress Aritzia

i can't get away from you, no.

so yesterday was my birthday, technically an hour ago.
total happiness, words cannot explain.
shitty quality photos as always, whateves.

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  • Black Leggings H&M
  • White Studded Cardigan Aritzia
  • Brown Satchel H&M
  • Brown Work Boots Forever 21

won't be seventeen forever

so i haven't blogged in a long time.
tomorrow is my birthday,
i'm going to be 18.
anyways, i've been wearing this comfy outfit for the past two days.
i'm gonna go online shopping tomorrow so i'm quite excited.
but alas, i have my history midterm tomorrow as well.
i wore a cream-ish lace long sleeve top tucked into high waisted leggings, with a grey cutoff hoodie over. although i'm terribly self conscious, i realized that the lace tops itself are too much for me to go out in because it's just not me, i don't think it looked that bad. but i liked the hoodie over it better anwyays.
i've been reading some fatshion blogs and they're so interesting.
well i'm done, i'm gonna study.

  • Long Sleeve Cream Lace Top Charlotte Russe
  • Black Bra Victoria Secret
  • Grey Cut Off Hoodie Forever 21
  • High Waisted Leggings American Apparel

and my burden to bear is a love i can't carry anymore

i haven't blogged in a while, i've decided i must inevitably stop shopping for a while(this whole month) hopefully i can do it, i am already sad to stop shopping, but it is extremely necessary that i save some money up.
for now i'll just make up outfits with what i already have,

terrible photo's, but what can i do
  • Tri Blend Sweater Charlotte Russe
  • Black Grey Jeggings Target
  • Studded Workman Boots Forever 21
  • Gloria Necklace Forever 21
  • Peach Purse Forever 21
  • Studded Ring Aldo Accessories

it's a change of pace to see my face

i'm incredibly sleepy, yet completely restless.
i haven't done my laundry or any homework, but that's okay i'll get back on top soon.
but anyways, i went to buffalo yesterday to do a little shopping, which actually became a lot
seeing as i came home with about 600$ worth of clothes and shoes.
i still don't feel set for the fall, and i keep consistently spending money which is totally insane,
since i have almost none to begin with.
which made me think about how i haven't asked for money from my parents for half a year.
how i'm affording shit, i have no idea.
i'm getting paid in about 16 days, so i'm quite excited.
i'm also excited to start working fulltime again in a year,
ie. next april-sept
although it's extremely far away i just want to be cakin'
yesterday i bought, a million jeans(just 5)
2 reg leggings
like 8 sweaters
3 tops
a pair of boots
and 7 bras hahaha
i probably got some more but i can't really remember.
oh yeah a few skirts and shit
pretty excited!
i really need a closet because i don't even know what i own anymore my plan is to get like
2 or 3 of these, probably 3

  • Forever 21 Grey Hoodie cut off & cuffed sweater


lace is an essential, although i'm not a fan of just lace on myself aka like pure seethrough, see skin equals no no.
since i am s00o0o0o0o0o0o0o modest i only like layered lace, like lace over on under dresses, or partial lace cardigans or lace tights.
i have these dream store lists, also known as a huge problem for myself seeing as i am always online shopping without the actual shopping since i don't have a credit card, which i want to get, but i'm iffy because if i do get one, i will be broke as shit in like 2 days, and then have a huge ass debt to pay off.
so for now, i must beg and beg my dad to let me use his credit card and give him the cash which he doesn't like me doing because he doesn't like me shopping in general.
i honestly feel like i have no clothes, but when i clean my room all i see is clothes piled everywhere.
i think what it is, is that i'll love an item/s for a long time and re wear it often, but after about 2 weeks i'll get bored and just want a new outfit, which actually happens quite often.
i also hoard clothes, because there is always times where i'm like o0o0oh i remember that top/dress/etcetera where is it?!?! oh right, that was thrown out/given to good will.
like theres this one cardigan with one of those coloured arm bands that i really really loved for a whole summer, two summers ago. but now i have no idea where it is, and have been looking for it for the past 2 months, i can't remember if i gave it away or it just went missing :(
i really need a closet, i'm so sad that all my clothes is askew everywhere.
finding an outfit everyday is so stressful and tiring i have no idea where any of my things are.
i've noticed two things about myself 1. i wear a lot, and i do mean A LOT of blue, or i just own a lot i'm not sure. and 2. i don't wear anything but skirt, top, cardigan or dress and cardigan outfits. i rarely wear jeans, i'm not sure i just don't like them. i went through this huge phase 2 years ago where all i wore was jeans, a top and a hoodie. how lame. thus, now i never wear jeans, and hoodies are only worn in winter or traveling since there so comfy and warm.
plans for the weekend slash every weekend but never works out are to clean and organize my bedroom and figure out outfits.
this is my outfit of the day, also i haven't worn those wedges since the weekend i bought them aka montreal aka july, they were only worn for like 3 days.
they needed a trip out before fall comes around.

just chillin at work haha

my aunt took this, i honestly think she is the most handicapped person ever she has no idea how to use focus hahaha <3

here's a close up on my shoes that make no sense cause here in a weird position because i have no idea how to use self timer on my camera and just clicked it awkwardly haha.=
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  • Blue Tank Dress Aritzia
  • Black Lace Panel Leggings Urban Planet
  • White Lace Tank Urban Outfitters
  • Pink Purse Forever 21
  • Studded Strap Wedges Aldo
  • Clock Locket Urban Outfitters

count the steps from where i am to where i started

i've noticed my clothing doesn't match well with weather/season etcetera.
i guess in the fashion industry i would be considered as very confused seeing as i will go out in the freezing winter, with a foot full of snow on the ground in tights, shorts, raglan and canvas shoes along with my big winter coat, but still not appropriate for the snow.
another thing i always do is wear huge ass sweaters & cardigans made with full and for the winter season, in the summer. today would be a good example (okay technically this was yesterday) but anyways i wore that sweater today too. it's somewhat batwinged and huge and warm, like melting warm, but it's so cute and i bought it last month and only started wearing it well, yesterday. anyways my point is, i don't believe in fashion season trends, i'll wear whatever i like whenever i like, another example, looking like i came from a funeral with my black lace dress on a beautiful sunny day with beautiful flowers in the background. but yes, i'm gonna cut off my run on sentences and ramblin and go watch the gates. <3

oh you're in my veins, and i cannot get you out.

i love grass and nature, i hate shitty quality, brightness, odd tones and other obscuritys
i wore my black lace dress out with leggings, construction socks, mocs and my favourite pink purse.
sorry for the the shitty quality, more photos of more outfits soon!


  • Lace Dress Forever 21
  • Black Leggings Urban Planet
  • Construction Socks Zellers
  • Mocs Soft Moc
  • Pink Purse Forever 21

and watch me tremble

I actually have never worn this out, probably because one i personally feel like it's a little long seeing as it comes down past my knees, which i hate because it's stuck in between that awkward length of a full length dress, and a short mini dress and then i have nostalgic feelings of grade nine when i had my kilt down to my knees like a little nun because my mom forced me, and i cried all morning. it was totally embarrassing but anyways, i'm not much of a fan of that shade of blue, i'm more of a seafoamy or even closer to mint. another reason is because i hate extreme cleavage, maybe in the past i didn't care but now i am so conservative.........................................just kidding, but really i hate extreme cleavage on myself so i don't really like that haha. i do love that tiny dark jean vest and the stud ring i got last year, and now have no idea where it went.
pro's about this dress is;
+ i got it at the first american apparel sale for $8
+ it's extremely versatile seeing as i can wear it a whole bunch of different ways
+ although i hate the length of it, i can easily hem and fix it yet i am totally lazy.

  • Blue Dress American Apparel
  • Jean Vest Value Village
  • Stud Ring Urban Outfitters

searching for the thrill of it

I haven't blogged in a while, too stressed with college starting and overwhelmed with how intense this program is, I completely assumed it would be relatively relaxed and an easy concept, it isn't there are way too many things to learn in this short period of time that has been three days, first how to use the new equipment, aka mac book pro & nikon d300s.
after first of all, being a pc kinda girl for the past 18 years, the macbook is a little overwhelming.
also belonging in the canon company for the past 4 years with my slr, the nikon really does stump me. even after attempting to read the manual i'm still confused on how to upload photos. it is really interesting i've learned how to connect my camera to the light's in the studio and that was fun. also learning portrait lighting, another very fun thing. i've never been one to use photoshop seeing as i never had the opportunity to use/own it besides a few comtech classes. but anyways, enough about school.
i did a bit of shopping the other day and haven't got around to posting photos although i am completely in love with my new pink bag, photos shall come along soon hopefully, once my life is relaxed a tad.
below is a simple blue dress thrifted from value village, it's actually a really long blue skirt with buttons running down from top to bottom but, i am too lazy to hem skirts and i liked it much more as a dress. since it was a skirt it had no shape to it and went straight down, but paired with a cute black belt it has a loose fitting shape above the belt once you pull it out, and flows down.

  • Blue Dress/Skirt Value Village
  • Black Braided Belt Value Village
  • Flower Necklace Forever 21

it's a black top blur

i have neglected this blog for far too long, thus i shall post a whole bunch of catch up posts tonight because
a. i am bored
b. i'm looking at old photos
although my prom was uneventful, and extremely stressful due to my hair not curling,
i had to work, g20 bullshit and whatever other bullshit there was, it was a pretty good afterparty.
Chris & I looking awkward. Mike & Hilary adorable as ever.

Cat the Infamous Bartender

Cristina and I, we are somehow related down generations of san miguel-ians.

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