you can skyrocket away from me

went to darias cottage a couple weeks ago, it was really fun overall.
too many things come to mind thinking back on it,

  • Pink Bustier Aritzia
  • Black Shorts Metro Station
  • Grey Cardigan Urban Outfitters
  • Sunglasses Forever 21

you were meant for me, i can't speak.

so today i went on an adventures with my girls today, seriously love them and our real talks.
lately, i've been m.i.a on everyone because, well a. i have no friends, and b. i have been spending my time elsewhere haha.
but these two, i'd see in a heartbeat.
bifflez forever, haha but seriously, my two true friends Bianca & Daria.
we had a spontaneous day filled with ikea date, impromptu photoshoot, free clothes & jewellery, and some shopping at yorkdale.
afterwards all of them were off with there boys.
gonna have more days like this soon :)
ps, we're so cute.

  • Lace Top Thrifted
  • Acid Wash Shorts Urban Outfitters
  • Mirror Necklace Topshop
  • Bandage Wedges Journeys
  • Brown Purse Forever 21

it's better this time, then i've ever known.

last post, so i bought these acid wash denim short shorts about two years ago but have never worn them, i am seriously in love with them now, they can go with practically everything.

  • Denim Shorts Urban Outfitters
  • White Frill Top H&M
  • Band Cardigan Forever 21
  • Mirror Necklace Topshop

  • Denim Shorts Urban Outfitters
  • Floral Top Selfmade
  • Knit Vest Thrift

i have fallen in love.

i really like these things all together, but i feel like i look a little odd.
it's a bit edgier i guess.
i'm not sure when i'm going to wear this out, but i really want to wear it with my black bandage wedges.
denim vest is borrowed from chris,
lace sweetheart dress is from a trip to the states with bianca i ripped off the sleeves though,
bullet belt circa ninth grade, denise and i bought matching belts.

dundundun, i'm almost done all my posts.

  • Denim Vest Christopher Vanier
  • Black Sweetheart Lace Dress somewhere in the states
  • Bullet Belt Downtown Toronto

i'll smile when you speak.

i seriously buy so much clothes that i rarely wear,
gonna start changing that.
bought this floral denim jacket last september with my school biffle jessica,
she convinced me that it was well worth buying.
you can't tell in the pictures but i'm wearing a black bandage skirt, and white lace tank.

  • Lace Tank Forever 21
  • Black Bandage Skirt Forever 21
  • Floral Denim Jacket Thrift

so i stayed in the darkness with you.

so i bought this sailor playsuit like two years ago as well,
dunno why i haven't worn these things.
but i'm really loving it now, i just need tights and wedges and i'll be so happy.
once i've got that outfit down i'll for sure take a nice picture :)

  • Sailor Playsuit Urban Outfitters

and in the dark, i can hear your heartbeat.

i think this is more of a work appropriate compared to what my work outfits usually consist of....
i seriously should have gotten fired, but since there's no dress code in effect...
haha definitely going to wear this sometime this week.
although i'm not really a fan of full one colour outfits, i really like these two things put together.

  • Blue Frilly Top ASOS
  • Blue Scalloped Skirt Zara

no dawn, no day, i'm always in this twilight.

I bought this dress i think last spring, i never actually wore it...until now.
i love the pink, it's so cute and girly, and my gold floral belt makes it so much more innocent.
my hairs gotten so long, so happy.

  • Pink Dress H&M
  • Flower Belt Thrift
  • Pink Clutch ASOS

can you feel your heartbeat racing?

because i have neglected this blog for almost two months, i'm going to post quite a few outfits...
i actually haven't gone shopping in the longest time and today i bought some things, but i don't think any of them are in any of my photos.
so i'm pretty happy because last year for prom i wanted to wear this really pretty blue dress, but the dress ended up being way to small to fit, and dundundun a year later it does.

  • Blue Pretty Dress ASOS