when did you tell someone you love them?

went downtown today with my boyfriend to see the zombie walk, twas jokes.
he saw his twin who was wearing the same outfit as him, then we took photos and stole some stickers for our sticker book.
it was kinda cold today so i decided to wear my orange scarf, bianca also gave me a new bow for my birthday so cute, i love it.
wearing my banny ring, and sparkly nailpolish.
okay that's it.

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  • White Raglan Aritzia
  • Black Moto Leather Jacket ASOS
  • Orange Scarf Zara
  • Purse
  • Pink Bow Bianca Venerayan

this is what makes me feel alive

so, i finally turned 19 the other day :)
i went to mfoy at sneaky dees, it was really fun.
seriously love my friends <3
you all made my night the best.
i was seriously trying to find a tutu skirt/tulle to wear out, but daria and i couldn't find any....
thus, chose the fairy skirt.
ALSO, FINALLY got a new pink bow thanks to bianca <3
these photos are jokes;

alex kills me in this.

we're in luvvvv haha

my little bibi<3

three musketeers <3

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  • Pink Bow Bianca Venerayan

don't shake, i hate to see you tremble.

i haven't updated in like 2 months because i suck, but i have two outfit post today;
this one's not as fun as the next, twin and i, went on a downtown adventure a few weeks ago,
twin tuesday is always the best <3

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