We Love Colors Review!

Valeria from We Love Colors was kind enough to send me some tights to review!
For those of you who don't know, We Love Colors sells a variety of awesome plus size tights in 51 colors! 
I love the tights they're super opaque and don't become sheer in some spots like other tights.
They're extremely soft, They sent me the Plus Size Nylon/Lycra Tights in Lilac and Light Pink, I got mine in a size a/b and they fit perfectly(they never fall down like other tights).
I think the color is perfect too, super vibrant.
 They have a huge variety of different colored tights plus other item.  
The tights are not too thin but not too thick either, it's awesome because I was warm enough to be outside for a bit in them before I got cold(it's currently -14°) but I know I'll wear the second pair in the spring/summer and not be melting!
Be sure to pull the bottom of the tights up because they're super stretchy and appear more opaque.
I've always been a never wear pants kind of girl, so tights and leggings have pretty much been a wardrobe staple forever, I love finding good quality tights and these are definitely one of the best!
They can even endure the claws of two puppies and a big dog and still come out with no tears!
Are these tights worth it?? I definitely think yes!; Shipping was really quick, they're worth the cost(I would have payed $3 less for the tights I get from fast fashion stores every winter, which inevitably get ruined after the season), quality is amazing, fit is great, opaque and super comfortable!
 Would I buy them?
 Of course!! Pastel Mint, Maroon, Mint Green, Black and Peach are definitely next on my list!


  1. i love this outfit do much! I do plus size ootds if you want to check my channel too :D

    1. thank you!
      cute blog!! added you to my reading list :)
      i'm also super jealous of your hair!!! <3

  2. Awesome .. and such a very stunning look so love your page aw well... and so l am looking forward to seeing more posts in the future.