03. Twinsies x Domino Dollhouse

Last weekend Toronto was covered in snow and it was just terrible. Alas, I still ventured out in the blizzard to see my beloved twin. I made sure to dress extremely warm bundled up with a hat, gloves, all the necessities, especially my super warm and cute HUF socks.
I'm in looooove with my Doll Beanie from Domino Dollhouse! I wear it practically everyday, it's become a winter staple for me, I think it's the cutest.
Jess loves them too, the pink one is still for sale here.
If you are like me and love my F OFF Tie Dye shirt from Jac Vanek you can purchase it on sale here.
I swear her and I really freak oneanother out, when I went over Jess was wearing the matching necklace which she and I hardly wear(basically we chose one item we can match on, but somehow always end up really twinning).
We have something fun coming up for this weekend! 
Although we'll be spending majority of it laying on the ground playing Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon because I don't know! But that's okay because it's fun and it's the winter holidays so why not?

can't wait to see this finished
i love magnetic words!
SIBUNA!! (fun fact: i have become secretly obsessed with house of anubis since finding it on netflix.)

  • Doll Beanie Domino Dollhouse
  • F OFF Tie Dye Long Sleeve Jac Vanek
  • Leggings Forever21
  • Socks HUF
  • Mocs Soft Moc
  • Necklace New Look

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