Twin Tuesday 03; Polka Dots

Since I happened to not only mess up the last Twin Tuesday post(seeing as I got confused and managed to do the following week's post instead of the one we had planned), I also managed to post this a whole week late cause apparently I can't keep track of doing things haha. It's okay though because not only will I finally be writing out this post buuut, I have new posts for everyday of this week whooo!

Anywhoo for this Twin Tuesday Alex and I realized we have pretty much the same identical dress but in different colors! Mine happened to be the pink one which I picked up at a Gap outlet in NY a few years ago. I've been feeling shiny? lately I know it's not a possible feeling but I just like dressing up kinda sparkly/iridescent/shiny on most days of the week oddly enough. Thus, had to pair this dress with my holographic flats from PLNDR and a cute sparkly necklace from Forever21(I felt compelled to buy it when I saw like 20 of them sparkling in the light beautifully), borrowed a tutu from Alex from Your Big Sister's Closet and then slipped a sheer vintage robe overtop.

Alex is currently M.I.A in cottage-ville and I'm missing her dearly(can't wait to start working with her/catchup/take more twinsies photos/start our sewing lessons finally)! You can checkout her take on this outfit here!

  • Polka Dot Dress Gap
  • Holographic Flats PLNDR
  • Necklace Forever21
  • Tutu(underneath the skirt) Your Big Sister's Closet borrowed from Alex
  • Sheer Robe Vintage


  1. I very love your body and clothing style Jessica. Have a good day!