L'Oréal Professional Hairchalk Garden Party Review

L'Oréal Professional Hairchalk Garden Party The lovely Martine from 1Milks2Sugar was kind enough to send me a L'Oréal Professional Hairchalk a few weeks ago! I've been on the hunt for a green dye forever so I was super excited when I found out one of the eight colours(violet, blue, coral, pink, bronze, light brown and black)was Garden Party Green!!! I was really excited to find out that this wasn't the typical hairchalk(i.e. dry, looks sometimes like pastel crayons, leaves a weird texture in your hair, and best of all stains everything). It's a new revolutionary water based ink + micro-fiber polymers that create a thin film that sticks to hair fibers, it's a new type of makeup but, for hair! It costs about $25 and fades out in 2-10 washes.  I finally had some time to try it out and asked my friend Diane to do it for me! I'll explain how I feel about L'Oréal's new hairchalk through a list of Pros and Cons.


+ I've never found a dye/hairchalk this shade of vibrant green before(I usually only see really dark greens or weak greens/fade away super easily).

+ I used the hairchalk last Wednesday, that was 8 days ago. My hair is a bleached brown/blonde color(where I used it), it's now been 9 washes later and it is almost fully faded out. It took about 5 washes for the vibrant green to start to fade, then it became a more minty light green. This lasts a lot longer than all other hairchalk products I've used.

+ It's liquid hairchalk!!! I am much more comfortable using dyes/liquids to change my hair colour then the dry gross chalks I normally get.

+ It didn't make my hair damaged/feel weird after putting it in! I know it looks super frizzed up but it's actually just because I didn't straighten my hair that day(I normally do since my hair looks terribz when not straightened). When it was straightened it felt super soft like my regular hair.

+ No clothes stains!!!!~*~*~* the two things I hate the most are when dyes/hairchalks stain my clothes.. it's happened on sooooo many occasions I have a whole pile of clothes strictly for dyeing my hair/letting my hair dry haha.

+ It was super easy to apply!!! You just squeeze some onto a sponge and drag it through your hair.


- I wasn't sent a pair of gloves or sponge with this sadly(I'm hoping the box comes with them) so we kinda had to make due using a makeup sponge and one pair of gloves haha, unfortunately I decided to start helping using my bare hands(believe me I regretted it badly)... thinking I could take it off easily afterwards... that was not the case since my hands were stained for about a day until I realized Vaseline would remove it all. Do not use your hands!!!!

That's literally the only downside and that was totally on my part since I'm an idiot.
I can't wait to try out the Coral and Violet!!! This is the perfect substitution for anyone who wants to experiment with fun colours but can't currently commit to it! I'd definitely recommend it especially compared to the typical terrible hairchalk mess that I've always used.

L'Oréal Professional Hairchalk Garden Party L'Oréal Professional Hairchalk Garden PartyDiane using gloves and an actual sponge~
L'Oréal Professional Hairchalk Garden Party Garden Party Green! L'Oréal Professional Hairchalk Garden Party L'Oréal Professional Hairchalk Garden PartyI'm an idiot
L'Oréal Professional Hairchalk Garden Party


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  2. how the hell did you get it to look so bright? looks amazing lol... did you bleach your hair or did you have lighter color underneath or did you keep it on for a long time...? most people ive seen it with it looks more teal... i want it to look like kylie jenner teal could it look like that?

    1. haha thank you! the hair underneath is a dark blonde/light brown so it took the color a lot better! It's hairchalk so i just left it in and went out, i think this one is too green to be kyle jenner teal, I would definitely use the blue one instead, it's much closer to the teal color of her hair! Hope it works out for you! :D

  3. Hi, how much product did you use? I have natural black hair and I'd like to die it all garden green, shall I use two bottles of liquid hair chalk? do you reckon it's possibile to mix black and green hair chalk to make the green look darker?
    Thanks a lot,

    1. Hey Enrica,
      I only used maybe 1/4 of the bottle, a little goes a long way. Also the part that's green is already bleached blonde hair underneath that's why the colour is so vibrant! I'm not sure how long your hair is or if you'll need to use more to cover dark hair (I would get extra just in case) but you can see the spots of black hair I did get accidentally and they're a darker green/slightly dark blue kind of colour. I wouldn't recommend mixing black with anything seeing as how it will most likely cover over any colour. Hope that helps!