never not chasing a million things I want

It's rare to catch me out of the north york/scarborough area, 
thus going downtown for Sherry's birthday was fun and eventful for me.
We went for dinner at this restaurant called Bent, it's really super delicious and yummy but,
they want customers to all share everything and pay an individual cost each at the end.
Unfortunately 18 twenty somethings can't really afford to pay $50-65 each for dinner.. so we had to politely ask them many many times to order our dinner, with them then telling us how it's "suppose" to work and not taking our order(it doesn't really even make sense to me why they have a menu if that's the case).
Worst part was I desperately had to be home early and I asked them for the bill many many times but they wouldn't give it to me for a really long time, then had to wait forever to pay even after they gave me the bill till I just went to the front cause I seriously didn't have time for that. All else aside the food was super delicious, and I loved seeing everyone and celebrating Sherry's berzdai.
At first I was trying to channel my inner Wednesday Addams, then realized oh right, i'm suppose to be at fancy dinner haha why did I dress down so much? So I threw on this kimono which was luckily in the car.
I bought this lovely floral kimono from forever 21 about a month ago, it's so fun and i've been adding it to a ton of my outfits when it gets a bit chillier at night.
Anyways downtown Toronto means graffiti walls are everywhere  thus, went and took some photos against them before heading to dinner.

  • Peter Pan Collar Top H&M
  • Denim Shorts Forever21+
  • Floral Kimono Forever21
  • Creepz PLNDR


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