trapped in a prism

This post is long overdue, unfortunately there has been a lot of things going on lately almost all of them work related, I know i've been whiny for the past while but it's all within good reason.
I'll explain once it's all over, promise.
Anyways the weather in Toronto has been pretty confusing so ontop of all this, I now have a cold. 
It's been sweltering hot, to impeccably cold on and off for the past while.
This is pretty much a variation of what I wear on hot days, basically shorts and a tank haha.
Got this wonderful necklace from Kastor &Pollux pop up shop!
Also got these fun shiny sandals back in January from Forever21 a day before I left for Cuba I remember frantically running around Fairview mall trying to find a pair of sandals since I barely own any.
I also have some exciting news for everyone, couple of things firstly;
Winner of the ASOS giveaway is Jaclyn C! 
Secondly for anyone in Toronto or surrounding areas that would like to make it out to either of these two events are welcome!
Later today September 14th, Trend Trunk is having a  Ultimate Girls Night Out (guys are allowed to come too!)
and Midnight Market September 20th! Where you can find Opal Doily Jewelry!!
Everyone come to both events!

  • Tank New Look
  • Sandals and Shorts Forever21
  • Necklace Kastor & Pollux 


  1. Girl, we need to hang out soon! Also, I would love to get my hands on one of the pink rock necklaces. I love my purple one!

    1. we do! let me know when :) i actually got it from my friend bianca, she wasn't selling them online but i'll ask her if she can sell you one, she has a few different colours :)
      i'm glad! i'm going to try and work on some new ones sometime soon