don't wanna sleep tonight

This week has been really tiring and long and I can't wait for the weekend!!
This weekend the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) opens!!!
I seriously love going! I've went every summer for the past 3 summers; yummy foods, rides, games and it's just seriously my fave, everyone should go!! 
So this week works really caught up on me, and now Jayson works just as much as me(no one can take my photos even if I am home).
Part 1 of my ASOS order has arrived; inside was this lovely blue lace skater skirt and a ton of fun dresses.
I'm thinking about selling some stuff on ASOS marketplace, has anyone done this before? 
If so what should I expect?
This crop top is from H&M, they've made like a ton in different styles, so i've ended up having around 5 different ones. I'm in love with them, but since i've gained some weight since i've gotten them they're a little more snug, and that's ok weight fluctuates and that's normal and healthy and fine. 
Anyways there's really not much for me say at the moment, life has been pretty boring haha.
Also if you haven't entered my ASOS giveaway, then you should!! 
It's really simple; follow me on google friend connect and comment on what you would spend your $50 on and then you can unlock two more simple entries!
Who can say no to free money to shop with??!?

  • Crop Top H&M
  • Blue Lace Skater Skirt ASOS
  • Bullet Crystal Necklace made by me!
  • Shiny Shoes PLNDR

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  1. I'd spend my $50 on putting together a fall wardrobe. I recently got a pixie cut for the first time and am not quite feeling it with my summer clothes, but it'll be cute as hell once autumn kicks in!