I can't stop shopping, this week i've received atleast a package everyday, some days 1-4.
I love clothes too much, anyways i've been trying to take photos consistently but when you're as tired as I am, it's really, really hard.
Work has really been stressing me out and i'm thinking about letting the newer job go,
it's not worth being this exhausted everyday.
Not to mention it being extremely frustrating most days, i'm getting ready to go as I write this.
This dress is from Urban Outfitters! I got it in the renewal/vintage remade stuff section and I absolutely love it, it's so cute.
I felt a little nervous with the length but having shorts or a skirt underneath as safety works.
My sister saw me heading outside and said "omg, we are twinning!!" and we totally were!
We even both just got new shoes in our PLNDR package!!
They're both super alike with the lace sides, and creamish colour except hers are oxfords and mine are like creepz.

  • Dress Urban Outfitters Renewal
  • Necklace Forever21
  • Shoes PLNDR
supa kawaii~*~*~


  1. I'd get the ASOS Square Neck Crop Top in black and some high waisted leggings! Thanks for the giveaway Jessica!

  2. I would take advantage of the sales they have going on!

  3. i'd go for autumn bootie=es! thanks, Radmila, rada76@Mail.ru

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