01. Sunday Steals

I've been getting a ton of questions lately asking me "how are you able to afford to buy all these things/spend so recklessly/ugh I wish I was rich/etc."
I'm not going to lie to you, Jayson and I actually laugh when we read these comments.
Let me get it straight with ya'll; we are not rich, in no way do I have an in disposable shopping budget (believe me if I did, you'd all be seeing a different Jess).

Now, I'll be frank, I can admit to being a shopaholic... I love to buy things, it's definitely one of my vices. Specifically I'm sale obsessed, not only with clothes, with all things I need. I check out flyers constantly and you can bet that we'd go to 3 different grocery stores every week to get the best deals (I know I'm a tad crazy).  There are a ton of different ways we cut back on our regular daily expenses using my sale method, which in turn gives me a bigger shopping budget in the long run.

First things first, I typically tend to buy clothes out of season. You might be wondering why that is, well I only buy things out of season that are a. when the season is coming up relatively soon (i.e. stock up on spring/summer things during winter clearance sales), b. incredibly cheap or c. I was madly in love with it when it was full price but is now under $10 suhweet. Although sizing can fluctuate a lot for people, myself included, I typically stay within the same size range so I never have any issues wearing that item I bought last Spring for this Winter for example. Buying things out of season for me has saved me so much money, one of my fave sales is New Look's end of summer sale (I kid you not for the past 3 years, my internal clock has known the sale would be launching and wakes me up right at 4am to check it out and I would have no idea that that day would be sale... spoooky) and Modcloth's Now or Never Sale sale during the first week of January. Forever21 also has some good deals every once in a while although, I wish they'd update the Plus sale and make it as good as the straight sized one. :(

Secondly I always set a budget before I start browsing, if I only have $60 to spend I will only let myself spend $50 and save the last $10 for taxes and shipping etc. I'm more of a bang for your buck kinda gal, so I'd spend that money on 10 items that are seriously reduced but may not be wearable for a couple of months instead of getting 2 items in season that I'll have to stop wearing in a couple weeks anyways. I'm subscribed to all my favorite shopping spots and constantly check my emails for any incredible sales. I also use a cash back site called Ebates which gives you a certain % back on each purchase you make. The % rate constantly changes and can be anywhere from 2-20% cash back. I'm the biggest fan of ebates since I found out about it last year, I wish I'd heard of it sooner, would have saved me so much money in the long run.

My sales strategy won't work for everyone, some people like to have in season items at the moment and that's totally okay, I splurge once in a while on things I must have. I thought I'd start sharing my weekly steals that I find during the week. Every week I'll save my favourite deals/promo codes I saw and share them with all of you!

This weeks promo's:

Modcloth Now or Never Sale - up to 70% off
ASOS 70% off sale + extra 10% off with code: GIMME10
Boohoo 75% off sale, 20% off new arrivals with code: RENEW
Forever21 extra 30% off sale with code: EXTRA30
Missguided 75% off sale

Anything you must have?

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