Fashion in the Digital World 2.0

I was invited to Fashion in the Digital World 2.0 by Fashion Forward,
it was held at the Hard Rock Cafe downtown(I had never been there prior to yesterday).
Met up with Jessica and we ended up loafting around downtown for a bit since the event ended up starting a bit later.
We ended up in an alley taking photos, whilst trying to be coerced by a group of guys in a stair corner to come over, haha I always enjoy twin time with Jess
The event was interesting; I felt it was actually more for sellers, designers, and the 'internet tech' people rather than media guests.
Jayson and Hilary joined us afterwards and we ate some delicious pasta, watched the panel/discussion, and then headed outside to chat some more.
Took a ton of photos, hope you enjoy! xx

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 I luv my twin <3 comment-3--="">

Jessica Masil is a gorgeous doll

 Mid boob grab////dramatic poses in the water haha
I love you guys

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