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I haven't blogged in a while, too stressed with college starting and overwhelmed with how intense this program is, I completely assumed it would be relatively relaxed and an easy concept, it isn't there are way too many things to learn in this short period of time that has been three days, first how to use the new equipment, aka mac book pro & nikon d300s.
after first of all, being a pc kinda girl for the past 18 years, the macbook is a little overwhelming.
also belonging in the canon company for the past 4 years with my slr, the nikon really does stump me. even after attempting to read the manual i'm still confused on how to upload photos. it is really interesting i've learned how to connect my camera to the light's in the studio and that was fun. also learning portrait lighting, another very fun thing. i've never been one to use photoshop seeing as i never had the opportunity to use/own it besides a few comtech classes. but anyways, enough about school.
i did a bit of shopping the other day and haven't got around to posting photos although i am completely in love with my new pink bag, photos shall come along soon hopefully, once my life is relaxed a tad.
below is a simple blue dress thrifted from value village, it's actually a really long blue skirt with buttons running down from top to bottom but, i am too lazy to hem skirts and i liked it much more as a dress. since it was a skirt it had no shape to it and went straight down, but paired with a cute black belt it has a loose fitting shape above the belt once you pull it out, and flows down.

  • Blue Dress/Skirt Value Village
  • Black Braided Belt Value Village
  • Flower Necklace Forever 21

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