count the steps from where i am to where i started

i've noticed my clothing doesn't match well with weather/season etcetera.
i guess in the fashion industry i would be considered as very confused seeing as i will go out in the freezing winter, with a foot full of snow on the ground in tights, shorts, raglan and canvas shoes along with my big winter coat, but still not appropriate for the snow.
another thing i always do is wear huge ass sweaters & cardigans made with full and for the winter season, in the summer. today would be a good example (okay technically this was yesterday) but anyways i wore that sweater today too. it's somewhat batwinged and huge and warm, like melting warm, but it's so cute and i bought it last month and only started wearing it well, yesterday. anyways my point is, i don't believe in fashion season trends, i'll wear whatever i like whenever i like, another example, looking like i came from a funeral with my black lace dress on a beautiful sunny day with beautiful flowers in the background. but yes, i'm gonna cut off my run on sentences and ramblin and go watch the gates. <3

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