it's some deed, left undone

i wanna try and keep updating more frequently because i wanna compare how my style totally changes.
so on monday me and jessica, my school biffle had a 4 hour break and couldn't think of what to do, thus we went to the 50% off vv sale, then mcdonalds for free coffee!
while sifting aimlessly through mountains of treasure, i got bored and felt overwhelmed by the amount of people there, and that value smell.
so the only thing i found was a floral jean jacket, which at the time i really wanted, and thought was totally jokes, and useless.
but, today i also went shopping since my break of shopping for a month, and spent 150$ on a dress, two sweaters, a brown skirt, millions of socks, and lace bra.
anyways, when coming home and re trying random clothes, i realized i could totally wear that stupid purchase floral jacket with a white vneck and skirt, and it would look normal.
so that's my great news.
also, check out the new hellogoodbye cd it's pretty good.

  • Brown Skirt Zara
  • Black Leggings Forever 21
  • White Vneck Forever 21
  • Floral Jean Jacket Value Village

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