Brill Communications S/S '14 for Addition Elle, Tristan & Ecco

 This past Wednesday I was invited to Brill Communications S/S '14 for Addition Elle, Tristan and Ecco.
With it starting to snow in Toronto I got excited, looking forward for the months away Spring/Summer. I can't stand Canadian winters!
Addition Elle had a lot of asian inspired fabrics/prints, leather, denim, swimwear and fun pants.
I'm really excited about the upcoming s/s collection because of the awesome leather jackets(one of them has a really awesome floral print that's on a boot as well!) boots, and harem pants!
Tristan is all about prints and actually has a really nice s/s collection(the biggest size being a 16!).
Ecco has really lightweight leather shoes that i'm considering investing on very very soon, there s/s collection was filled with bright colours, vintage scuffed shoes, and an awesome running shoe line!
This was all held in the Brill Communications building on John st and I thought it was just lovely. I had work that day so I woke up early and headed downtown and it was such a perfect morning.
I didn't get a chance to ask anyone to snap a photo of me so all I have is selfies sorry!
Also I was so tired that I didn't realize that I didn't have focus on for a bit, so a few photos are a little blurry.

 Ecco S/S  '14

Running shoes and children's footwear!

 Tristan S/S '14

 Want those sandals!!
Love these prints

 Addition Elle S/S 14

Karen of Curvy Canadian checking out the collection
 Leather Jacket detail (want this sooo bad)
Fun harem pants!
 Awesome boots, I want the pair on the left!
Ashley Grahams newest lingerie line

  • Coat ASOS Curve
  • Collar New Look
  • Purse Urban Outfitters
  • Everything else Forever21


  1. Awwww... thanks for the mention!!! You should've asked Peter to take a shot of you... your outfit was gorgeous. And he's always happy to take pics! <3 It was good seeing you again =D

    1. Thank you! I should have! I wasn't really thinking about it haha, it was awesome watching him be your stealth photographer, getting all the good shots. We need to get together soon! :)