theres always gonna be this little girl inside of me

lately i've been such a little baby; playing grounders all the time.
this week has been a pretty upsetting week which is why i have no outfit posts, but that's okay because the other day i realized the only thing that would cheer me up of that mood i was in was too change.
i was with my ella fitzgerald aka hilary arellano who convinced me to wear a dress, cause that always brightens moods.
sooooo, i wore my prom dress....... with a leather jacket...... which was jokes cause i've had that leather jacket since last may yet never wore it out.
now i just see so many outfits it can go with!
mood= brightened, atleast a bit.

original outfit i wore, but then got upset and wanted to change.
  • Lace Skirt Delias
  • Shiny Tights Urban Outfitters
  • Grey Sweater Forever 21

  • Black Moto Leather Jacket ASOS
  • Lace Prom Dress ASOS

next day i realized other things go with leather jacket, aka BALLA STATUS.
also just put it with whatever
  • Black Leather Jacket ASOS
  • Pussy Bow Blouse ASOS
  • Green Button Skirt Forever 21
  • Lace Panel Tights idk

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