living young, wild and free.

these pictures barely do me justice, haha
went shopping at forever 21 the other day, i really liked this white dress, i couldn't find my tights so i was wearing them with these awkward thick shorts underneath and they made the dress bunch awkwardly.
i went to japanese lunch & a movie with boy biffle jeffrey, although we had to leave the movie after 40 minutes because there was an extremely irritating buzzing noise. afterwards we went to my friend adrians 19th birthday last night, twas fun. i thought this dress was cute.
i wore it with black tights.
the outfit was both fancy enough for dinner, casual enough for a movie, and then classy enough for a nice party.
i wore it with a hoodie during the lunch and movie because it was pouring rain and all i had was my leather jacket, but later on it was nice enough to wear just my leather jacket so i did that.
this is what i would call a useful outfit.

  • Striped Dress Forever 21
  • Sunglasses Forever 21
  • Pink Clutch ASOS
  • Flower Headband J Crew
  • Bow Headband Hilary

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