what are you running from?

hungout with my two favourite boys;
boyfriend and arnold, went adventuring in the graffiti.
but not really cause we always go there.
anyways wore my white maxi dress from last year, felt so good to finally be able to wear my maxis, also wore my blue one a few days before but jaysons pictures we're too dark and blurry.
love summer, i'm starting work at starbucks tomorrow thus less adventuring time,
but s'okay, cause jayson and i are going to new york in july which means lots of shopping and adventuring and fun shit!!! awee yeah <3
oh and this is probably my second last post with teal hair cause i'm dyeing it brown or blonde sometime soon cause starbucks has a strict hair policy :(
no more run on sentences i'm done.

  • White Maxi Dress Forever 21
  • Gold Floral Belt Thrifted
  • Acid Washed Denim Vest Thrifted
  • Cluster Ring
  • Bracelets Cousin
  • Necklace Bianca Venerayan

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