Who takes your photos?
I typically ask whoever's with me, or take them myself!

What camera do you use?
I personally use my Nikon D300s and Canon Rebel XTi, sometimes even my iPhone or an array of film cameras.

Who created your blog layout?
The amazing Kaelah Bee created/designed my blog!
Sherry Dubeau designed my logo!

Where do you shop?
I have a list of my personal favorites here.

Is this a fashion blog?
I consider my blog to be a lifestyle blog as in I'll post what I like, which tends to be mostly clothes, but I will also blog about different things.

Why Clothes and Shit?
I get this question too often, and at one point contemplated on changing my blog name.
Clothes and Shit to me meant that my blog focuses on mainly Clothes and the "and Shit" part means other stuff (in no way is any of that stuff actual 'shit').
My advice, don't take it too literally.

How come you've been blogging since 2010 but became public in 2013?
I get this question in a ton of forms all the time, I technically created/started Clothes and Shit back in 2010 when I was inspired by a ton of my favorite plus size fashion bloggers. I decided I wanted to capture all my outfit endeavors and I had always been one who loved writing through livejournal etc. I had also always been super private about most things in my life, this being one of them. Until I had enough courage and support from friends to make my blog public and actually update it somewhat consistently. The idea went through my mind for a while until I actually acted upon it, I guess I needed that push to get me started. I'm incredibly glad I did! I started blogging not only for myself but for others as well. All my old posts are still there in my archives and even if the content may be inappropriate/boring/uninteresting/whatever it may be to you, I kept it. I kept all of it because Clothes and Shit was created for me, keep in mind that this has been to capture my never ending growth.
 Hope that all makes sense!