Ipsy Bag July 2014

Ipsy Bag July 2014
I've actually been a long time subscriber/fan of Ipsy bags! I was suprised I hadn't wrote a post about them before(hopefully I'll be able to make one monthly). For those of you who may not know, Ipsy is a makeup subscription bag that comes in every month based on your makeup style/needs/likes, pretty much it's a personalized monthly bag of makeup goodies!~
Best part about it is it's only about $10(+$3 for shipping for fellow Canadians!).

Seeing as I actually don't ever tend to spend too much $$$ towards beauty/makeup products(what can I say, I will always prefer shoes/clothes/accessories). Spending less than $15 a month guarantees me the chance to try out a few different products that I'm interested in, without spending all the $$$.

Personally I only really wear eyeliner, mascara and a lippy on the regular. Thus, getting those products + other things to try out is always helpful. I also really enjoy the fact that if I fall in loveeee with whatever I got that month, as well as the other products that we're sent out that I may not have received, I'm able to purchase it at a discounted or awesome deal that ipsy has!

This months bag was all about summer essentials, I really liked everything in the bag sans nail polish. I don't know why but every nail polish I've gotten has been in a colour that wasn't me... sadly this will be the last month I receive nail polishes since I just can't seem to get one I like. That's another great thing, at any time you aren't satisfied with what you get/no longer want particular things(i.e. nail polish, brushes, eyeliner, blush) you can choose to opt out of receiving those items. You also get to review your items every month so that they can customize your bag even more to your likes.

I'm obviously a huge fan, I think it's a great deal and I've loved every bag that's come in!
If you're interested in trying out Ipsy for yourself, you can sign up here.

Ipsy Bag July 2014 This has been the cutest bag I've gotten, I love the scalloped edges. I've already switched all my essentials into it :) Ipsy Bag July 2014bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0; 
I actually really liked this, although the purple one is a bit dark for me I definitely think I could find a way to use it(if I ever start wearing eyeshadow more often again haha), I really liked the pinker one, it was really sweet! I'll be sure to try and make a post with one of the looks.
Ipsy Bag July 2014 Marrakesh Hair Care Marrakesh Ends;
Seriously, I tend to get a lot of the hair repairing products(the tips of my hair are damaged beyond repair, at least I thought so), I've used this probably twice so far and I can tell you it's already been a huge difference, I plan on buying the full sized version since I intend on bleaching more of my hair in the next few weeks.
Ipsy Bag July 2014 wHET nail polish in Facetious
The nail polish that ended it for all nail polishes in my ipsy bags, I just really don't like the color, I also hated that when I tried to take it off it left smudgey blue marks on my skin. Just no more nail polish. Ipsy Bag July 2014 Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil SPF 08;
As I mentioned previously, I am really sensitive to the sun. I tend to burn up really badly, I actually never ever use tanning oil, the last time probably being in 2008 and it was that malibu tanning lotion. Anywhoo, I wouldn't have even thought about using this but, last month I received the Hang Ten Classic Sport SPF50 Sunblock which was seriously amazing(I normally always hate the sunblock I use on my face, but this one was perfect)!!!! So I'm going to attempt at using this to tan just my legs tomorrow at the beach with Alex, since I have a weird arm tan going on my legs need to match.
Ipsy Bag July 2014 Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass;
I really love lip stains but, what's better than just lip stains? Lip and Cheek stains Duh! It goes on perfectly and blends into a soft pretty pink/rose colour. I have always loved the lipstains I received from my ipsy bags but this is one of my favourites since it's such a natural pink/rose. Can't wait to share photos with it on!

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