so far above the cloudless sky

I went downtown last weekend for a nice stroll, Jayson had to take some photos for his friends so they decided on meeting around Queen and Bathurst.
It's getting pretty chilly now so thus, busted out my awesome coat I snagged at Big Deal Toronto from Sadia for only $30! :)
Growing up in Toronto i've become pretty accustomed to the awesome street art pretty much everywhere. Roaming downtown I always see a huge amount of nice ones.
I also have recently just purchased a few pairs of jeans(if you know me, you would know I never ever ever wear jeans) and for once i'm actually super excited!!!! I've honestly always hated wearing pants because they feel restricting or they just didn't look right, but now i've found 3 pairs that I totally love and i'm going to show you all very soon.

  • Coat ASOS
  • Top and Skirt New Look
  • Bag Forever21
  • Leggings and Boots Thrift
I love this one, I saw it at Kensington Market as well
if you didn't know, our mayor is apparently a crack head

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