I think it's strange you never knew

Last weekend I had the chance to visit my dear friend Nicole for her birthday!
I've known her since we we're kids, it was really great getting to finally see her.
She now currently lives at a temple, although I was a bit nervous (after receiving a speech about not wearing anything revealing). I felt a little limited on what to wear, I guess that added pressure made me scared but I was perfectly fine, I wore my grey acid washed skirt, leggings and my favourite flower sweater. 
It was really different being at the temple, and I actually must give her credit because everything she explained to me made total sense. It was really nice seeing some of the traditions and i'm so glad Nicole's as happy as she is there, but she's leaving for India next week so I won't get a chance to visit again for a long time. :'(
On a happier note, today is my birthday! wheee, i'm actually pretty tired and I need to start getting ready to go buy some things for a small gathering tonight before I head off to work.

  •  Flower Sweater Forever21
  • Skirt and Tights New Look
  • Bag Urban Outfitters
  • Necklace Made by Me
  • Shoes Thrift

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