I was a stone's throw away from land

I've been away for a little bit; between sorting out work issues, and then catching the flu for a week 
i've been pretty sick and a little stressed.
It's okay now though cause those have been sorted, sorta.
Anyways fall is really here, it always makes me a little sad because I know i'll miss the warm weather(even though there can be melting heat) but yesterday it was quite sunny so Josh, Chris and I danced in the sun for one last time.
The photos of my new UNIF Spectrum Satchel don't do any justice, although the bag is beautifullllllll I had a really hard time purchasing it because I do not like to spend a lot of money on just one thing, but inevitably I gave in and got my dad to purchase it hehehe. When it arrived I literally put probably 4 things inside of it and wore it with the strap and it snapped in 5 seconds. I was really really really upset and that just proves to me that maybe I should have really thought about this purchase more since quality wise, it wasn't worth it. Although it does look super cute as just as bag.
Now for some exciting news Fashion Forward has invited me to be a media guest at there Fashion in the Digital World 2.0 which will be next Wednesday October 16th at 6PM. They we're also kind enough to sponsor a pair of tickets to the event for one of my lucky Toronto/surrounding area's readers, the contest starts today Oct 9, and will run till Sunday Oct 13 2013.
To enter you must be following Clothes and Shit on Google Friend Connect, and follow Fashion Forward's twitter account or like their facebook page.
Goodluck everyone!

  • Top Aritzia
  • Denim Jacket Forever21+
  • Skirt Newlook
  • Bag UNIF
  • Knee Highs 

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  1. Real cool outfit and lovely pictures! I do love me a good lens flare.