Birthday Wantlist

My birthday is this Friday, the 18th! I am actually pretty excited this year, I spent a huge portion of time thinking about how it's so weird to be growing up; as a kid all I ever wanted was to get older and now it feels like times flying by. All the items in my want list are pretty justifiable for me, it consists of either a, purchases i've wanted but held off from for quite some time and I still really feel the urge to check up on/still want it but had been too costly to purchase at the time. or b, other more recent things I really,really, really, want need.
For example; all the things from ASOS below excluding the dungaree dress have been things i've wanted over the past few months and had to contemplate on because of the price point now, much later on they are at a more compelling price and thus justifies why they must get into my wardbrobe.
I also am in love with the new Miista Allison Irid Black, I purchased the Silver Iridescent Zoe this past spring and completely love them although I didn't wear them as much as I wish I could(I got incredibly worried of getting them dirty) which is why I think the Allison would be an amazing purchase since it wont be as easy to get dirty.
I also plan on twinning with my sister again(she bought leopard harem pants!)
I guess my wantlist is partial all my fall pieces and a few past season items :)
Can't wait for this weekend!

Blackmilk Galaxy Purple Skater Skirt 

Koko Black High Shine Disco Pants 

 Daisies Half Crew 

Get Your Shit Together Half Crew

Red Check Dungaree Maxi Dress

Dark Grey Crushed Velvet Skater Skirt 

Blue Velvet Turtle Neck Crop Top   Purfect Crop Top

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