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This post is long overdue but i've been dealing with some personal issues for the past month, and wasn't able to find the time or inspiration to post. I am trying my super best to be a fairly active but i've been having a pretty shit time for the past few months, i'm trying my best to stay positive.
I am excited, scared, and kinda nervous about the upcoming changes.
So I really just wanted to say sorry for the overdue posts and please bare with me till I can get things under control.
I've been taking care of a litter of baby schnauzers!!! I love them so much, but they are seriously such a handful, they wake me up all day/night long and need me to play or feed or take care of them... it's kinda sorta like what I assume taking care of children are but it feels so hard sometimes, the puppies are now 5 weeks old!!(i've been taking care of them since they were 2.5 weeks old) They use to not even be able to move, only to eat and sleep and now they're running allover the place, and crying for me to come play with them. I love them all so so much and i'm extremely scared for when i'll have to part with them. They've become such a huge comfort and my full responsibility for the past while so it will be weird not having them anymore.
Anyways besides all that I haven't really been up to much, and i've tried my hardest not to really do anything since it's getting pretty cold and I can't be away from my house/babies too long.
So last weekend I had to go to the store to get puppy goodies and then visited Jaysons friend's and family, thus took some photos in the lobby before heading up.
I saw this fun shirt on New Look maybe in the spring? can't quite remember, ended up passing on it, to only later find it at Big Deal Toronto and got it for $10 from Sadia!!!
It's so comfy and I always tied up the bottom in the warmer weather.
I got this awesome ASOS Curve Cardigan in fuzzy ombre it's currently on sale for $39.99!!

ps, you might have noticed all my blog post titles are from songs, I thought i'd start sharing some of those songs by adding the song to the bottom of my posts, hope you enjoy!

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