spring fairy

so i'm going to try to update more frequently, the weather has gotten incredibly good so i'm trying to soak up as much of it as i can, i went on a crazy outrageous spending spree during this month... sigh tax return money has vanished. fave things from those purchases; miista zoes, asos curve leather jacket & just huge hauls of stuff in general.. i might make a haul video at the end of the month when everything i order arrives, also i'm working on diy floral flower crowns and bullet shell crystal necklaces woo! it's actually a lot of fun i love crafts! i'm also going to be really soon having a huge clothes sale since i need to get rid of a ton of stuff i don't use. i'll post a link to it when all of it's ready, anyways long weekend has been made up of bbqs, fireworks, adventure time, cleaning my room, and diy projects. i went to my friend christophers and i felt like a ethereal spring fairy in the backyard. Also checked out a huge urban outfitters sale 50% off sale items! i got a cute cloud shirt, skull purse, book and dress. 

Photos taken by Christopher Vanier and Jayson Cacdac

  • Floral Crown diy
  • Floral Skirt Value Village
  • Peter Pan Top Charlotte Russe
  • Necklace & Mood Ring Topshop
  • Shoes Newlook
  • Skull Purse Urban Outfitters

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