clothes sale!

so today my boyfriend and i attempted at cleaning our room for about the nine thousandth time, and i'm glad to say we actually progressed farther than before, almost done now.
today it was incredibly hot, like melting all day hot, i spent a total of an hour outside before i had to call it quits and go inside, i was pretty grumpy today, up until i went to my friend christophers house and then just died and was exhausted. i actually have no clue what i'm babbling about right now, anywhoo i am having a huge clothes sale! it's on the facebook group for fat's sake, i tried to put it on fatshionxchange but i guess the files were too big and it wouldn't work, anyone from toronto has first dibs!!! unless i've already sold it. if you haven't tried either groups out before do so! i've actually found quite a lot of nice things at reasonable prices, or even clothes i wanted in the past and was too late to get, it's basically peoples unwanted stuff that they never wore or returned, but at a better price. help me get rid of my hoarding problem(aka find all my clothes a better home) initially i was going to save up to buy 3 really nice Jac Vanek tops, but then my boyfriend said he would just buy them and now i'm so happy.

  • Floral Onesie Primark
  • Mirror Watch necklace Vintage
  • Skull Purse Urban Outfitters
  • White Stud Wedges Aldo

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