i've got that summertime, summertime sadness

So I am super super happy because my Miista Iridescent Silver Zoe came in!!
whooooo, after dreaming about them seriously forever I finally got them, haha it took honestly forever because initially my boyfriend bought me them from americanrag online and they were in terrible condition, they came from a store that people can try them on so the leather was already super creased and they were dirty. I almost freaked out but luckily the people at americanrag were nice enough to do returns for freeee.
Anyways to cut the story short after 3 weeks I ordered them again from wonderful Nastygal!!! 
They we're awesome and i'd totally recommend getting shoes from there because I always get my shoes in perfect condition and quickly! 
I was so excited and my boyfriend texted me at work saying they were home and immediately we went straight outside to take photos, so I was a repeat offender and wore the same skirt from last week but it's so cute and comfy and goes well with practically everything.
Also don't mind my purse, i'm just so happy I got it for $10 and really love it so I use it everyday.

  • Bustier Wilfred
  • Skirt Thrift
  • Frilly Socks Topshop
  • Iridescent Silver Zoes Miista
  • Cardigan & Purse Urban Outfitters

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