the past year(almost) via instagram

soooo, i have neglected this blog for far far far tooo long(feel's like i've abandoned it)
but really, i just don't know what happened in this past year since i planned on updating this many many many times, but never had a chance to get around to it.
thus, i am going to promise to myself to continually update this blog, because i love it.
honestly, the past year has been heeeeeectic, i've made a lot of different changes and i'm not happy with everything that happened this year, but atleast now i've learned from my mistakes and maybe somewhat am willing to move forward.
now onwards with my galore of instagram photos from since i last updated haha.
also, if anyone cares to follow/creep the shit out of me my instagram is: jesskuuh

Finally got these off of my friends phone, we took these last spring and he never could figure out how to send them to me haha, anyways this was my thatloud sweater, white bow, lace tight, shorts and black docs.

sometime during the fall i bought my 
  • beautiful fur h&m
  •  black wedges PLNDR
  • Skirt Forever21
  • Sweater Joshua Contreras 
 Back in October i also won the real divas are large instagram halloween costume contest!
these are the goodies i won :)

  •  Galaxy Skirt NewLook

  • Bird Blazer Forever21
  • Dress H&M
  • Purse & Tights Urban Outfitters
  • Wedges PLNDR

  • Top ASOS Curve
  • Shorts Forever21
  • Tights TopShop

 This was my cute weekend work ensemble, back when I worked at sbux, unfortunately after a few weeks of wearing it, eventually i was told that my necklace was too "excessive" and was not allowed in our uniform. i ended up being pretty bummed about that :(

  •  Leather Jacket ASOS
  • Collar NewLook
  • Tutu American Apparel
  • Top Thrifted
  • Moccasins
 I wore my prom dress again! haha i felt so cute and happy,
i can't believe i got such a basic dress for prom haha.

 Back when i was in new york last july, we went to the sex shop haha

  •  Top H&M
  • Skirt Zara
 My babiesssssss <3 :="" br="" cosmic="" i="" last="" litas="" purchased="" summer="" the="">

cute flares almost everything in this outfit was from forever21 except for my mocs from soft moc 
and my purse from h&m

 Boyfriend and I, heart print bustier from ASOS

 DIY acid wash denim vest

  • Hello Kitty Top Journeys
  • Skirt Forever 21
  • Tights Urban Outfitters
  • Spike Litas Jeffrey Campbell
 My interview outfit when i got hired at h&m
cute digital skirts

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