now my life is sweet like cinnamon

So this week, i've come to the conclusion that Monday through Friday I cannot take any photos since my job is during the day till the sunset, thus no sunlight for any photos and it's just pretty much impossible. This weekend was really busy too; friday jayson and I just passed out eventually, saturday woke up early to help my sister move did that all day, and sunday was family fun day, also went to brunch with Sherry, it was a good but long and tiring weekend, and now the week's begun and i'm equally as exhausted as when it started.
This cropped leather jacket was the first thing I ever bought off ASOS and it was during highschool,
this was in grade 12 when I had first heard of ASOS and the jacket was on sale for under $20!!!
the terrible thing was customs charged me $25 for it at the door (insert sad face)
anyways this jacket comes out every spring since it has those 3/4th sleeves and can be way too chilly during the fall, and much too warm during the summer.
I don't really have anything else interesting to say.... till next time

  • Strap Wedges Gift
  • Leggings Forever21
  • Hi Lo Cats PLNDR
  • Cropped Leather Jacket ASOS

The two loves of my lives at the park, Pearl was trying to copy and do peace signs.<3 p="">

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