Happy Pride Weekend!!!

Happy Pride Weekend!!!! I was beyond thrilled to wake up yesterday morning and hear the fantastic news!!! I was also super excited to head downtown to watch the Trans March! Jayson and I went and grabbed some Banh Mi for lunch then realized my camera completely malfunctioned (it wouldn't even turn on). Luckily, we live in the age of pretty decent iphone cameras so I thought I'd still shoot some fun photos! While waiting around for Erica we ran into some friends who are actually a part of some of the organizations! I just felt so happy and positive yesterday! ~*~Perfect vibez~*~

I also met the cutest pug ever!!! He was seriously a little King! I also wore my fun butterfly outfit which you might remember from here. I just changed my shoes (since I knew I'd be walking) to some brogues and wore a multicolored chain. I loved all the gorgeous pride inspired outfits yesterday!
After the march we went and grabbed some delicious pizza! ^___^

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