02. Twinsies x Mint

I went over to twins house last weekend, it was so much fun!
I'm actually obsessed with her apartment it's just too lovely.
We decided for our twin outfit it would be mint and black.
Oddly enough we have the exact same top, when I came over she was like "we're seriously twins!!"
and we seriously were, she has a top identical too mine from forever21, but mines a thrifted one with those old shoulder pads.
Anyways we decided to have a twin tea party! I love her tea set too! I just love Jess <3>
I'm heading over there again tomorrow so stay tuned for whatever we come up with.

  • Mint Blouse, Cardigan, Locket and Shoes Thrifted
  • Mesh Velvet Tights New Look
  • Shorts Forever21+
  • Coat ASOS Curve


  1. You look fab! We actually have to get together in the new year!

    1. Thank you!! Yes! We really do! Let's go on an adventure downtown!! :)